Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom remodels can be fun and exciting, especially because they allow you to showcase your taste, style, and personality. However, the remodeling project can be stressful if the space you’re working on is small or awkwardly shaped.

Before starting with your bathroom makeover, have a definite plan considering all the changes you’ll be making, including replacing the heating and plumbing system, possible wall and ceiling maintenance tasks, shower stall and bathtub installation, and any other bathroom accessories. The ideal bathroom remodeling project should include the right amenities and fixtures for style and comfort while ensuring value and function. Here are bathroom remodeling tips to consider.


1.   Pick the bathroom type

If you want to change the type of bathroom you have, there are varieties to choose from based on size, shape, and layout. A standard bathroom, also called a full bath, comes with a toilet, sink, shower, bath, or both. Partnering with a skilled interior designer can help you identify what your current bathroom is missing and what you can do to achieve the desired results.

If you’re looking for a spa-like feel, consider a soaking tub and skylights. You can also have glass experts like install a separate glass steam shower. Other bathroom options to consider are a half bath and a wet bathroom.


Bathroom Remodeling Tips


2.   Create a bathroom layout

Once you’ve chosen the bathroom type you’re redoing or installing, consider the layout. Bathroom layouts vary depending on the size and shape of the space you’re working with. You can keep the existing layout, walls, and plumbing fixtures to avoid driving up the remodeling cost if you’re working on a tight budget.

Your interior designer can help create layout designs suitable for your space and requirements. They can also customize your layout to suit your needs. You can change the layout if the original bathroom design is poor, you need additional space, or you wish to convert your half bath to a full bath.



3.   Think about lighting

Poor bathroom lighting can destroy the utility and appearance of space. This is why you should factor in lighting in the design process. To let more natural light into your bathroom, add more windows and a skylight. With one or more windows in your bathroom, position your vanity and mirror lighting where you can face the window.

This lets you leverage vanity lighting at night and sunlight in the daytime. You should also consider artificial lighting for when the sunsets. Layer soft lighting to avoid casting shadows on your face, which could be unpleasant.



4.   Include ventilation

Naturally, bathrooms are prone to dampness, which could worsen in humid areas. Bathrooms need adequate ventilation to prevent mold growth and keep you and your loved ones in good health. If ignored, mold can lead to costly damage and stains, mainly hidden areas.

While windows are a good ventilation source, they allow traffic pollen, pollution, and raccoons into the bathroom. Relying on window ventilation in winter may result in energy waste. External exhaust fans are a good bathroom ventilation solution, especially on timers. Your contractor should advise you on the best installation position for more effective airflow.


Bathroom Remodeling Tips



Bathroom makeovers allow you to transform your space to match the design you’ve always envisioned. Consider using these tips for your next bathroom remodeling project, and always be on the lookout for modern trends.

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