Bathroom Vanities Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right One

Are you looking for discount bathroom vanities to remodel your bathroom? Whether you want to replace the outdated cabinetry or a complete renovation, you need to choose the new pieces properly. And your budget is one of the key things to consider. Also, you have to choose something with perfect dimensions. However, which style will you opt for? Do you want a durable material? How can you ensure making the installation without hassles? To assist you with making the right decision, here are a few tips that you may follow while choosing a bathroom vanity.


Bathroom Vanities
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Tips to choosing bathroom vanities

The dimension of the room and the vanity

Unless you can reroute the plumbing, the floor plan of the restroom determines the placement and size of the vanity. Take measurement of the dimension of the room and the space you can afford to open and close the door of the bathroom. Modern bathroom vanities shouldn’t be too wide or too deep so the door doesn’t bang against it.

Do you have wall-mounted cabinets or mirrors? Check how much height you can spare so space doesn’t feel cramped. If the bathroom is too small, a vanity with round edges on the countertop would be ideal. It’ll help to create more space while softer edges would be better if you’re in a tight quarter.


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Quality of the cabinet

Usually, the bottom part of the bathroom vanity cabinets is made from solid hardwood or wood. You may also opt for pocket-friendly alternatives such as particleboard, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), or plywood. If sealed properly, all of them work nicely in the bathroom.

Solid hardwoods such as oak or maple help to resist humidity in a better way than that of other solid woods. Particleboards are less pricey. But they’re prone to water damages. So place them in the proper place so they don’t get much steam and moisture.

If the price of the vanity is too good to believe and you have doubts about the quality, the thickness of the drawers should be considered. The drawers must be at least 3/8” think on all the sides as well as the bottom. Don’t go for cabinetry with a veneer finish. Such a finish may peel over the years.

The durability of the pieces

The durability of the countertop plays an important role in choosing one. This is even more important if you think that the discount cabinets are going to endure a lot of pressure. Acrylic could be a good choice as it can resist stains. But it scratches a lot. Granite and quartz are best to resist water damages, heat damages, scratches, and stains. However, the corners might chip. A marble might not be a good choice as it stains easily. Also, it scratches and chips. In the case of granite and marble, they must be sealed regularly.

As it comes to choosing discount cabinets MN, a little bit of consideration and research are necessary to find the right one that suits your need and budget.


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