Bathrooms: Do They Make or Break A House Sale?

Last updated on December 17th, 2021

The average online search begins at home. Before you go ahead to make the final purchase, you usually conduct research of the type of house you want, your exact location and compare it to other items in the market. The most important rooms in the house are the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the living rooms hence are highly recommended to be well designed in order to appeal to potential buyers when they browse through real estate listings.

When you are planning on selling a house, most buyers have different tastes when it comes to purchasing a home. However, most of them will agree that the bathroom is one of the areas in the house that will make or break the deal. After all, it is the room where you will be spending your mornings and evenings.

You will begin your day in the bathroom and end it there as well. As such, a bathroom should be comfortable, tranquil, and clean. Aside from this, the bathroom should be cleaned and fixed thoroughly to impress your visitors, family, and friends.

The bathroom is one of the vital parts of a house. It will forever be near your heart. It’s the place where you take care of your body and do your business. Because of this, a dirty bathroom can provide more stress rather than relaxation. A house for sale with a very unappealing bathroom can be a turnoff for most homebuyers. Because of this, it is best to invest a bit of your money and time to renovate or stage your bathroom.

In this guide, we will give you simple tips and tricks in turning a simple bathroom into an impressive one. Even you’ll be surprised.


Glass is Class

Ever imagined that you can increase your home sale value by adding Glass Doors For Bathroom in your Bathroom? It is true. If you’re looking to increase your home sale value, then glass doors for the bathroom can really give you a big boost.

Your bathroom will feel more spacious, stylish, modern, and well-ventilated. Adding shower glass doors is a common way to achieve this look. But for this, you need to hire experts who have enough knowledge about updated shower door designs and glass doors for bathrooms.


Bathrooms: Do They Make or Break A House Sale?


Deep Clean

Before the home buyers come to check your house, be sure that you have given the bathroom a deep cleaning. Since it is used every day, the bathroom becomes one of the dirtiest parts of the house in a short span of time. You have to remove all the surface stains, limescale, soap scum, and mildew.

Purchase the best bathroom cleaning products like mold remover and grout cleaner. These will help loosen the deep-seated dirt, keep the grout clean longer, as well as, prevent the growth of any future molds.


If you love to express yourself in the way your home is designed, your buyers might have a hard time visualizing themselves inside your home. As such, it is best to remove any of your clutter and personal belongings. Only leave the ambiance. Imagine what a bathroom hotel looks like and try to achieve that.


Ah, yes! Of course, there’s nothing more important than good lighting. It can make or break your day. Wouldn’t you want to have enough light reflecting off your mirror to show you the best of what you can be?

Sure, you can put some great lighting in your bathroom but as much as possible, try to use natural light. Make sure your window is placed strategically. If you don’t think you can move your windows or make some significant renovations, you can give your bathroom a makeover with the use of mirrors.

Place these where sunlight can reach, and you’ll have free light instantaneously! Do this and be surprised at how much better your bathroom looks. Say goodbye to dull and boring showers. Start buying mirrors today.


If you think that a bathroom is more than just looking at boring, simple, and white tiles, then it’s time to think of a great bathroom theme. Make your bathroom stand out by going for that perfect theme that you’d like. You can opt to make it look like a garden. Bring a few plants and add a touch of mother nature to your room. Change the tiles to more colorful ones.


What do you love most about spas? You would probably say the great aroma it offers. Make your bathroom more relaxing and Zen-like with aromas. Soothe your mind and remove all the stress. Make your bathroom your personal spa and splurge with some aromatic scents. You can also add some face masks and have a homemade spa retreat. Everybody needs it once in a while.

Fall in love with your bathroom over and over again by placing the essentials in your line of sight. To help you find them easily, visit the link below.


 Bathrooms: Do They Make or Break A House Sale?


Replace Bathroom Fixtures

Make sure that your showerheads, toilet roll holders, towel rails, and toilet seats are good as new. If not, buy a new one. Get yourself one of those beautiful Toilet Seats to make your bathroom look more modern and sleek. You may not know it, but this makes a whole difference when it comes to its looks. A lot of buyers tend to look for efficient fixtures which will save them some money in the future.

Add Some Storage Space

Expect that homebuyers will check every nook and cranny in your house. And we all know what they want – more space. They are checking to see if there’s space for their toiletries. If you think your bathroom has some extra space, put it to good use and make it into a storage area. You can make some shelves or install a few recesses for more storage. It’s pretty easy. You can either do it yourself or ask for some professional help.

And that’s about it when it comes to asking yourself if the bathroom does make or break a house sale. If you want to sell your home, try our tips and tricks listed above to help you find a home buyer fast.

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