BBL Surgery: Can It Improve a Sagging Bum?

BBL surgery is among the most common procedures in cosmetic surgery. Several techniques are used today, including BBL surgery, aka the Brazilian Butt Lift. Very common in Brazil, this surgery quickly developed in Europe, propelled by stars like Kim Kardashian. In addition to correcting apparent defects of the buttocks, it offers a greater curve.

Also known as the Brazilian butt lift, the Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is a cosmetic surgery intended to increase the volume of the buttocks as a whole. This involves injecting fat cells taken from other areas. The buttocks will then be plumper and more curved, like those of young Brazilian women who display beautiful silhouettes in swimsuits.

Its name comes directly from South America, precisely from Brazil, famous for its beautiful plump buttocks.

Keep reading to delve into the BBL purpose, procedure, and Brazilian butt lift cost.



The purpose of BBL is to:

  • Increase the volume and curve of the buttocks;
  • Improve the appearance of the buttocks;
  • Treat flat buttocks;
  • Get beautiful plump buttocks;
  • Redefine the silhouette thanks to the liposuction of the fat cells necessary for the lipofilling of the buttocks.
  • Satisfy well-built women who want a Brazilian butt.


Why and when to do a Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is especially popular with women who want to have well-shaped buttocks or correct apparent defects in this part of the body. The use of the technique is quite common in the event of gluteal or gluteal hypoplasia which results in an insufficient volume of the buttocks in relation to the morphology.

This method is both natural and particularly effective for people who want to get rid of a few extra pounds while adding volume to the buttocks. This is not a non surgical butt lift.

You should still know that the procedure requires a certain amount of fat. It is only possible for candidates who have a stock of fat large enough to give volume to the buttocks. People who are thin or too thin are therefore not eligible for this technique. They will rather be oriented towards the placement of buttock implants or injections of hyaluronic acid.


BBL surgery procedure

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) can be performed strictly on fat, as long as you have fatty areas to test (saddlebags, abdomen, love handles, knees, thighs). The amount of fat removed by liposuction is purified and then injected into the buttocks.

The first stage begins with liposuction of the areas with excess fat. Thus, surgeons redefine the curve of the buttocks while sculpting the hips (liposuction of love handles) to harmonize the silhouette.

Liposuction of the saddlebags, inner knees, and thighs can be performed at the same time to have a combined effect on the silhouette.

The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis or require overnight hospitalization.

In some cases, if there is significant sagging of the buttocks, a butt lift may be combined to correct significant gluteal ptosis, especially if there is significant weight loss after a bariatric sleeve or bypass surgery.

As in the case of breast augmentation through lipofilling, part of the re-injected fat, approximately between 30 and 50%, is reabsorbed. This is why it is always necessary to overcorrect to prevent this fat from melting.

It is important to say that these fat implants need to be replaced after 10 years. You can see pictures of bbl after 10 years and the butt drooping effect again in women.

The first days after BBL

It is normal to feel pain for the first few days, especially in the back, although all areas of the liposuction are very swollen. It is very common for some fluid to come out of the liposuction incisions on the first day. This liquid may be tinged with red if associated with a few bruises, such as after any liposuction. It is very important to apply compresses to the incisions. Even if you feel pain, you will be able to walk and move around the house. Walking is also very important to avoid the risk of thrombosis in the legs and constipation after any surgery.

During the first days after surgery, the doctor will prescribe analgesics, antibiotics, heparin to avoid the risk of thrombosis formation, as well as iron and vitamins. The sheath should be worn for 6-8 weeks. The sheath helps minimize swelling and bruising, relieves pain, guides, and aids in proper retraction of the skin.


  1. The volume of areas that can hide the projection of the buttocks, such as the lower back, is reduced.
  2. By using only patient fat, there is no chance of a rejection reaction.
  3. The lipoinjection is done gradually, increasing the various specific areas of the buttocks until the desired appearance is achieved.
  4. Existing asymmetries, depressions or contour irregularities can be filled


Who can resort to BBL?

Among the candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift, there are two demand profiles:

Patients between 25-35 years old seeking to get more volume, more curves to have a fatter and sexier silhouette.

Patients between 45-55 years old who, after a pregnancy or weight loss, present a decrease in volume with ptosis of the buttocks (drooping buttocks) and seek above all to harmonize their body and recover the lost volume.

The Brazilian Butt Lift, a trend in cosmetic surgery

The Brazilian butt lift has become a trend and will be for the years to come. This was revealed during the 6th Live Surgery Course Marbella, which was attended by prestigious international surgeons and in which a large number of cases on body contouring were presented.

It is also impossible to deny that in recent times there has been a lot of talk about the buttocks of celebrities, drawing attention to the volume of the buttocks of celebrities such as Jennifer López, Beyoncé, or Kim Kardashian. Many doctors perform BBL more and more, with very satisfactory and natural results.

BBL cost

The bbl cost depends on the number of areas that will be removed by liposuction and the amount of fat that will be injected back into the buttocks. The Bbl surgery cost ranges from 3000 to €5,850.

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