Benefits of a Good Electrical Maintenance Program

In a business, regular electrical maintenance can detect problems early and prevent more expensive repairs. Here, we’ve put together the benefits of a good electrical maintenance program. Continue reading for more!


Electrical System Maintenance

Modern businesses rely on electricity to power their facilities and devices. Electric equipment can be as complex as a computer numerical control (CNC) or as simple as a light bulb. Electrical issues can cause damage to property and disruption to business, leading to significant losses.

Your responsibility as a business owner is to ensure that your electrical system is maintained. The Operational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards adopted by the state place this responsibility on you. States like North Carolina have adopted many of the OSHA standards related to electrical safety, making it mandatory that businesses maintain their electrical systems on a regular basis.


Electrical Maintenance Program


Let’s look at why electrical maintenance is so important for your business.

Risk-free Environment

Electricity poses various hazards to people and property such as electric shock and burns, injury due to faulty equipment or installation, electrical explosions, and fires, etc. However, you can take simple steps to reduce the risk of injury to yourself, your workers, and others.

Reduce the Risk of Sudden Electrical Emergencies

Maintaining your business’ electrical system reduces the chances of something suddenly not working. A power outage may occur when your production is going through a critical phase or you are participating in an online meeting, and you could lose business as a result. A power failure, for instance, may cause a long delay before normal operations can resume. During this period of closure or low operation, your customers may drift to your competitors, resulting in lost opportunities.

Emergency situations are often the result of general wear and tear that has developed over time. Such potential problems can be detected and addressed in advance by timely inspection and maintenance.

You Can Save Money

Routine electrical maintenance can also help you save money in the long run. As long as your business’s electrical maintenance is performed on time, any appliances that are slightly damaged may be noticed and fixed as necessary. When these appliances are repaired instead of waiting for them to break, a complete replacement will not be necessary. Additionally, it may help with workers’ compensation issues.

Your utility bills are directly related to how well your electrical system is maintained. Your system must run at maximum efficiency if you want to avoid wasting electricity and keep your utility bills in check. Commercial facilities use around 30 percent of their total energy on HVAC systems, which can increase the power bill if not functioning correctly.

Maintenance will also help you avoid the expense of a complete overhaul, as the system will last longer with regular maintenance. Additionally, insurance companies will charge you less because they consider your enterprise a low-risk entity.

An electrician or an electrical consulting service, like Bates Electric in  North Carolina, can identify any energy consumption issues you may be having and set you up with cost-effective energy-saving solutions.

Protect Your Equipment

When you maintain your electrical system, you can extend the life of your equipment and increase its reliability. A broken HVAC system, for example, is no fun.

Repairing it will take a lot of time and money. Keeping your system tuned up and working reduces your risk of total system failure. Therefore, preventive electrical maintenance is an investment in protecting your equipment, ultimately saving you money.


Electrical Maintenance Program


How to Ensure Good Electrical Maintenance

The life expectancy of an electrical system is generally long, and it requires effective maintenance to keep it functioning at its best. As a rule, businesses pay more attention to managing different assets and less to electrical equipment; however, electrical components should be managed in the same way as other assets. State-approved electricians in Charlotte, North Carolina can provide businesses with advice on the electrical products and services that fit their needs.

You can achieve a good maintenance program by following these three steps:

Consider risks

How much time and product have been lost due to failures? Are there any in-house technical resources available? Do you have one-line drawings of the power system? Do you know what the critical components of production and their supporting circuits are? How old and in what condition is the equipment? The assessment stage should include answers to these questions. Electrical contractors can do this for your business in North Carolina as well as other states.

The next step is to implement your plan and start working on it. The maintenance activities and frequency, as well as the procedures and schedules for completing the work, should be documented. An effective maintenance program involves dealing with both mechanical and electrical equipment.

Electrical power lines and equipment should be installed and properly maintained in accordance with relevant federal and local laws, including OSHA’s electrical safety standards and the manufacturer’s guidelines. You need a person with proper training and qualification to work on electrical equipment. It can be overseen by an individual within the organization, and it can be performed by a commercial electrician or service provider.

Keep the program running

Maintaining the program continuously is imperative. Results should be reviewed and used to continuously improve the program. Keep in mind that the purpose of preventive electrical maintenance is to identify and address any issues before a failure occurs.

Make a commitment to spend a little now to prevent a major unexpected expense in the future. Electrical contractors in Charlotte, North Carolina, deliver top-quality services backed by integrity, quality workmanship, and outstanding customer service at unbeatable prices.

Last Words

It is almost impossible to imagine operating a business without electricity in today’s world. There are computers, printers, power tools, lighting, refrigerators, etc. It would make any business owner shudder if any of these things were to stop working one day. A business enterprise can suffer a lot of losses due to disruptions and damages.

Electrical maintenance programs that are well-planned and performed may help minimize equipment breakdowns, unexpected downtime, and unbudgeted costs. Additional information can be obtained by downloading training resources from different websites, especially in North Carolina, and also from the web pages of electric service providers.


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