Benefits of a Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chairs is a Chinese firm that offers massage chairs in China and other countries around the world. This isn’t to say that massage chairs aren’t useful. After all, the majority of them are FDA, CE, and ROHS-certified, and they come with a one- or three-year guarantee.

It is critical that you read this Real Relax recliner review for more information before making a purchase.

The full-body massage chair seems to be a standard automated massage chair from the exterior. It’s logical to presume that you have all of the other chairs’ features. However, a deeper examination shows the benefits that you should not overlook in a high-quality therapeutic massage.


Fixed Location of Massage Points

The following are the most significant aspects of the Real Relax Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair that you should be aware of:

The Real Relax massage chair employs a system of eight massaging points with a fixed position on the back of the chair instead of attaching massage heads to the backrest. These massage points aren’t like ordinary massage points in that they don’t move up and down!

In the lowest and central parts of the backrest, there are six fixed massaging spots. It is placed uniformly down the spine to provide superior back covering. There are two massage spots in the upper back that give upper back massage.

Despite the fact that the massage points are equipped with a stationary motor that produces kneading and rubbing effects. They only have a limited ability to massage. It doesn’t allow for customization, so you can’t change the range, width, or pace, and there’s only one massage style available.

Arm Massage

The arm massage mechanism is one of the benefits of the Real Relax massage chair. The chair’s air-cushioned armrests give 360-degree covering. The arms are totally encased by the airbags that massage a spring on the forearms, wrists, and hands as they glide down to the armrests.

Air Massage

The chair does include a rather complete air massage system, while the Real Massage back seat massage system is a little insufficient. 35 airbags are strategically placed throughout the chair to massage the shoulders, arms, hips, and thighs, as well as the calves and feet. These airbags nearly massage your entire body, relieving muscular tension and weariness.

Foot Massage Roller

In addition, the leg ottoman has air massage capabilities for the feet. Under the soles of the feet, these roller massage rollers. These turns spin and pulse when activated, stimulating the soles of the feet and helping to relieve tension, strain, and weariness.

Zero-Gravity Recline Function

The Real Relax massage chair boasts a zero-gravity reclining function, which is one of its primary selling advantages. When the chair is folded, the backrest is nearly parallel to the floor, and the leg rest is somewhat higher than the heart. The user’s body weight is uniformly distributed over the chair in this posture, enabling the muscles and spine to relax and release strain.

The main drawback to the Real Relax massage chair’s relaxing technique is that the ottoman and backrest are linked. As a result, when you sit on the backrest, the ottoman automatically raises. This limits your capacity to adjust the chair and may compromise your comfort.


Total heat for the lower back is a wonderful touch that is included into the design of the soothing massage chair. It adds a relaxing warmth to your massage and quickly relieves lower back discomfort.

Vibrating Seat

The vibration treatment built into the seat of the Real Relax massage chair is another fascinating feature. Massage vibrations can assist to relax muscles and relieve pain and stress in the body.

Two Automatic Massage Programs

The Real Relax massage chair has two separate automated routines, despite the fact that it is preferable to imagine it is totally manual. The two initiatives aren’t described in any detail. Different combinations and sequences of fixed massage points and air massage points are used. It lasts 15 minutes and ends when you’re done with it.

LED Remote Control

A simple LED remote control controls the massage capabilities of a true rest shiatsu massage chair. Air massage, back massage, heat, and vibration may all be turned on and off via a variety of primary buttons. What is now active is displayed on the bright screen.

The remote control is easy because the Real Relax massage chair has few settings, massage methods, and massage programs. The remote is stored in a handy compartment on the front of the right armrest when not in use.

Rotating Wheels

Because the Real Relax massage chair is so massive and heavy, it has two wheels to make it easier to move from one location to another. While it is technically feasible to move the chair with one person, it is much simpler with two.


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