Benefits of Concrete Coating

The 304-billion-dollar concrete floor coating industry’s growing in leaps and bounds. Forecasters predict that the industry should experience a CAGR of over 4% a year as more people discover the benefits of concrete coating.

What is concrete coating exactly though? It refers to any liquid finish applied over concrete, whether it’s an epoxy, paint, or cement overlay.

Is this something you should consider? Keep reading to find out why concrete coating is a good choice for your home and business.


Concrete Coating Is Versatile

According to Garage Force, you can install concrete flooring that suits the exact needs of your home or business.

Epoxy coatings add durability and stain resistance to any floor. Polyurea coatings are even more durable than epoxy and bring different aesthetics into the picture too. Like concrete overlays, polyurea tints suit all the high traffic areas in your home.

It Protects Your Floors

Floors wear down much faster in high traffic areas causing unsightly bare-looking spots, chips, and even cracks. When you coat your concrete floors, you greatly reduce these incidences.

Floor coatings not only protect your concrete from spills and scuffs, but they’re also tough. They can easily withstand the stresses of heavy equipment moving across the floor too.

It’s Exceptionally Durable

Concrete coatings resist heat, chemical spills, and hot tires. This adds peace of mind to your operations as well as ease of maintenance and cleanliness.

You never have to worry about dirt and grime sticking to oil patches when you can wipe it up easily. You can get rid of chemical spills quickly before they permeate the air with their noxious emissions.

These coatings are also waterproof, which prevents mold growth and protects your subfloor from water damage.

It’s Safer For Your Workers and the Planet

Non-slip coatings ensure your workplace complies with OSHA regulations offering safe footing in your busy work environment.

It’s easy to demarcate different areas of your workshop using different tints. This helps keep your workspace organized. It also prevents personnel from wandering into off-limits zones.

There are few carbon emissions involved in the production process of concrete flooring and it’s a great replacement for other energy-sapping types of flooring.

Concrete Coatings Offer Low Maintenance and Easy Cleaning

A professional concrete coating installation forms a seamless finish that can’t harbor pet dander, bacteria, and dust. It’s easy to clean using a mop or broom.

Thanks to the extreme durability of concrete coatings, you’ll only need to refurbish them every two to fifteen years, depending on the setting and the type of coating you choose.

More Reasons to Consider Concrete Coating

Eco-friendliness and easy maintenance options are always a top drawcard for prospective buyers. In this way, concrete coating boosts the appeal and value of your home if you decide to sell it. You can get more ideas by visiting Richfield Concrete and answer some questions you may have about concrete overall.

It will also provide years of service and convenience, no matter how long you decide to stay in your current house.

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