Benefits of Installing Residential Lift Instead of Staircase

As a homeowner, it matters that your house offers a high level of comfort for yourself, and others, that is if you have other people residing in the building. Most commercial homeowners always seek ways to provide the best functionality for their homes. This is not surprising because the more interesting functionality that a house offers, the higher the chances of giving it out at a good price.

Modern-day houses now include structures like gyms, secured parking spaces, residential lifts and some even have recreational facilities like tennis courts. These facilities have shown to be very beneficial in homes and make the space comfortable for residents. Residential lifts are one of the facilities that are becoming fast popular in recent times.

Just like service lifts make jobs easier, residential lifts make mobility a lot easier in homes. Nowadays, most story buildings are constructed with lifts. This is for several reasons, let’s see some of them.


Simple to use and easy to maintain

This facility is very easy to use for almost anyone. It only takes a short demo or seeing someone else do it for you to get started. Likewise, maintenance requires only regular cleaning and if necessary servicing which could occur once in a while. Cleaning a lift is an easy task that can be handle by one person alone.

Since only one lift is used, only one compartment needs to be kept clean from time to time. Unlike stairs which will require multiple hands to finish the job. The need for increased labor means that you have to pay hugely for cleaning and maintenance, compared to the cost of hiring just one cleaner for a lift.

You have enough space

Residential lifts can save a lot of space in your building compared to stairs. Stairs require a huge space which means that you have less available for other structures, and if you are the type that loves maximizing your opportunities constructing a staircase instead of a residential lift may not be the best option.

Faster mobility option

This should go without saying. Taking the lift is a lot faster than taking the stairs. Lifts are built to cover a long distance in a short time. This is probably one of the reasons why it is best suited for buildings with multiple floors. You can reach any of the building floors in no time and with little stress at that. Unlike when taking the stairs where you have to spend several minutes climbing one block after the other and still exhausting so much energy.


Benefits of Installing Residential Lift Instead of Staircase


Less work with the luggage

If you’ve had to go up to the last floor of a 7-storey building with the stairs then you know better how difficult that could be. Going up and down the staircase can be very exhausting especially when you have a long way to go. But will residential lifts it’s a smooth ride to your destination, especially if you have to go along with your kids. Also, you can easily carry luggage, grocery supplies and any items at all, which would have otherwise been an arduous task were you taking the stairs.

It is an easy means of mobility for people who have difficulty walking or are in a wheelchair. Not all staircases have structures in place for that, and if they do, it could be dangerous to ride a long distance up or down the building. There’s a risk of overspeeding if the route is too sloppy.

Higher market value

Everyone wants to invest their money in a valuable item. Considering the many benefits of installing residential lifts, this could be a good opportunity to sell the house for a good price in the future, if you ever wish to do so. Also, modern building structures have now adopted residential lifts in place of stairs.

Therefore doing so now could create a high value for your property both now and in years to come. It can as well increase your customer base. Homes with residential lifts can be easily converted into commercial structures. So your potential buyers will not be limited to homeowners but business owners as well.

Also, lifts can add to the aesthetic features of your home. It can make a building look modern and gives a stylish finish to the house. This further increases the market value of your home.

It is safer

Installing a residential lift can help avoid staircase accidents. A lot of home accidents happen on the staircase, especially for children who do not know their way around yet, and this could lead to serious injuries. Even adults can trip on a staircase. However, by using a residential lift you can easily avoid all the trouble and be sure that you and your kids are safe.

Most residential lifts have surveillance cameras installed in them. This is to monitor whatever goes on in the lift and to ensure that anyone in the lift is safe. However, these cameras do not come with the lift, they are usually installed by the homeowners.


Final thoughts

The times are fast going by, and modernization has proven time and time again to be the solution to so many problems. Gone are the days when people struggle on staircases to reach high floors of buildings while carrying heavy luggage. There is a better way to do things now, and it is not just better but also safe.

The major setback for most people, however, is that residential lifts can be quite expensive but considering the cost of constructing a staircase for a building with multiple floors it is safe to say that getting a residential lift is a better option. Also, maintenance could be another setback, but as earlier said, maintenance is easy and can be done once in a while.

Asides from these setbacks several people will agree that a residential lift is a more preferable option for homes. Except, of course, for smaller houses like duplexes or buildings with fewer floors. The staircase would be better for these types of houses.


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