Best DIY Birthday Gift Ideas: Homemade Gift Ideas

 Nothing is more heart-warming and sentimental than the gifts you’ve handcrafted yourself specifically for your loved ones! Is your best friend’s birthday is drawing closer, or anyone close to you? This is the perfect opportunity to show them how much you care by giving them handmade gifts. What’s more intriguing is that they are inexpensive and can be made with just about $1 to $10 dollars. But what are the Best DIY Birthday Gift Ideas?

This would be one of the best gifts for your friends and family because you are taking time off your busy schedule to make them something, rather than just going to the gift shop and buying something off the counter. Firstly, always make sure whatever gift you are giving your best friends, family, colleagues, etc. It should be accompanied by fresh flower delivery in Ahmedabad or from your local florist

You must understand that when you give somebody a handmade gift they’ll be more delighted and surprised than they’ll be with a store-bought gift. Except you’re buying Gucci or luxury items! Here are some ideas we’ve put together for you.

Whether you have some of these items at home or not, you can always buy them from the metro store near you for a very cheaper price. They are also quick and easy to make and consume even less time than baking a cake.


  1. Pearl Necklace

We all know that real pearls are very can be very expensive, and the ones that we ending up liking in the store always come to even more expensive. Imagine spotting a beautiful piece of necklace on a store window that was made from pearls and you cannot afford it right then. You won’t stop thinking about it all the time, nothing haunts us like the things we don’t buy! But don’t fret! This is a perfect gift idea as you can make them yourself for less than $5, rather than spending a fortune.

So all you need is some glue, hooks, and a plastic thread. Now close one end of the plastic thread with a hook, but make sure that you get a realistic measurement of the loved one’s neck- you don’t want it to come out too tight! Now attach all the beads to it and close the other side too. Don’t forget to order a flower bouquet to attach with your pearl necklace as a gift.


Best DIY Birthday Gift Ideas


  2. Colorful mirror decoration

Off the chance that you live in a house with your partner, or maybe you’ve run out of ideas of what to give your best friends to colleagues or family members, there is one thing that you haven’t thought of! And that’s a beautiful piece of mirror. This mirror will be more amazing when you have hand-decorated it by yourself so all you need is a few stencils, thermal sheets, and sparkling paints. And there are two ways to make a colorfully decorated mirror.

So, the very first one is by using thermal so draw the designs with the help of a stencil and then cut out the shape and stick it on the mirror with the help of glue and paint stencils beforehand with glitter paints or colorful ones. Another amazing way to decorate and an already existing mirror is using a washy or masking tape. They are available in various patterns, textures, widths, and colors. But make sure to add stunning birthday flowers to make it a perfect gift.


Untitled design 10 1 Best DIY Birthday Gift Ideas


  3. Glitter Mugs 

We all love some of the other kinds of glitters, sometimes we use it with nail polish, sometimes we use it for our walls, but have you ever thought of making glitter cups? It’s really simple. All you need is glitter paint and masking tape with plain cups of any color.

So,  make sure that the cups are clean and dry. Now take the cups and apply masking tape on them, depending on how you want to design it, you can have a zigzag of plain strips whatever you think you loved one would like. Now, simply use your glitter paints to color the cups, let them dry under the sun for around one day and your gift is ready. Make sure to haveflower delivery in Delhi with these cups to make a perfect gift.


Best DIY Birthday Gift Ideas


4.  Hot chocolate mix 

We all love the taste of hot chocolate at some, especially at the chilly time during the year. Whether it’s during winters or rainy season, you can’t go wrong with a cup of hot chocolate. So, make a hot chocolate mix gift! it’s very simple, and you just have to take a mason jar and add the following step by step- cocoa powder, powdered sugar, marshmallows, chocolate chunks, hot water, and of course candy canes. And your gift is all ready!

Order a stunning bouquet online to send the gift jar with it. This is also great as a wedding giveaway.


Best DIY Birthday Gift Ideas


  5. Homemade Butters Almonds and Peanuts 

Making homemade jars of butter is one of the best things and you can give someone as a gift. It is very healthy, natural, and so delicious that they would love to have it for breakfast as you’re not giving them factory refined butter but an organic one made with love.

So, to make butter you’ll need a mixer or a food processor, and any nuts like almonds and peanuts. Now, take a jar with almonds or peanuts- whichever your loved one would prefer. Crush them until they have turned into a nice glossy thick paste.

Fresh flowers are a must when it comes to gifting! Some amazing ones include blue pansies, peonies, fairy foxglove, forget-me-not, Kenilworth Ivy, orchids, cherry blossoms, lobelia, rock cress, snow in summer, etc.


Best DIY Birthday Gift Ideas


  6. Candles 

If there is anything that is as easy as grilled toast then it is making candles, even a layman can do that! So you go out buying candles that are very expensive, maybe if it’s long that will cause something between $20 with that amount of money on something which can be made for $3 to $5.

I don’t think it’s fair to waste $20. All you have to do is buy a loaf of 1kg wax whichever wax you prefer, and by using a double boiler method melt the wax and essential oils for a beautiful fragrance and at colors that you want the candle to have.

That’s it, let it sit in the mold with a wick for about a day, and by the next day, your birthday gift for that special someone is ready. Remember to buy a happy birthday flower bouquet to go along with candles. And there you have a complete perfect gift!


Untitled design 7 2 Best DIY Birthday Gift Ideas


  7. Marble dishes 

We all love marble dishes in our house. We use them to decorate our houses in different forms such as maybe some time serving dry fruits in them sometimes keeping some floral for snacks even in it. Or mostly we use it as a jewelry keeper to keep rings, bracelets and chains, and necklaces in them.

But you must remember one thing that when you are thinking of sending flowers to someone in Bangalore is not something very special, you must add something more with these flowers. Now let’s see what you need to make these marble dishes!

All you need is clay that can be baked and in as many colors as you want. Now roll the clay into long strings, combine them and press them to make a loaf. Now use a rolling pin to flatten it a little bit and then put it inside a microwavable dish or a bowl and bake them at 375 Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Or you can also let it sundry for three days.


Untitled design 9 2 Best DIY Birthday Gift Ideas



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