Best Gift Basket Ideas Ever for New Mothers

Is there anything better or more exciting than the birth of a baby? Presenting new parents with a gift basket can help you to convey the message that you are so happy for the next step on their journey.

Not sure how to put together a gift basket for a new baby? From a maternity girdle to these best gift basket ideas ever, we can make it easy to welcome that new bundle of joy.


A “Welcome Home, Baby!” Gift Basket

Those first few weeks at home for both the parents and baby are an adjustment period. Creating a “welcome home, baby” gift basket can include all the things that are needed to help make the transition to a happy family easier.

Including some key elements in the gift basket will ensure that it is exactly what new parents need:

  • Restaurant gift cards. Consider layering the gift baskets with gift cards to local takeout restaurants. It does not have to be to any fancy restaurants, just places that the new parents can get quick meals from.
  • Some groceries will be appreciated. Actual groceries or gift cards to a grocery store that delivers will make life easier.
  • Add something notable for the baby. A monogrammed blanket, bank, or other item is a great way to commemorate a baby’s birth.


Baby Gift Basket 2 Gift Basket Ideas Ever for New Mothers


Diapers, an outfit, or something special for the parents that they would enjoy doing in their very limited downtime are all great ideas for a welcome home baby basket. The best gift basket ideas ever are personalized around what the parents like. For example, if the new parents are movie buffs, a subscription to a great streaming service for a few months would be a really thoughtful gift.

Keep in mind that not all the gifts in the basket have to be for the baby. The best gift basket ideas ever are combination gifts, because after all, the baby really won’t remember, but the parents will.

While the best gift basket ideas ever will ensure you have a great gift for the new family member, an in-person visit is also a nice way to show you care. Of course, you want to be sure that your visit is a success by bringing just the basket and some joy with you.

You do want to be sensitive to any issues that may have occurred during the pregnancy, at the birth, or if the child was adopted. For example, if the new parents adopted the child, don’t focus on how difficult it was for the bio parents to put child up for adoption, and do not incorporate any “adoption” type gifts. That situation is between the new parents and their child to be addressed down the road.

Keep your visit short, new babies need rest and so do new parents, and keep the conversation light. Present your welcome home baby basket, visit for an hour, then head on out. Both, your visit and your gift will be highly appreciated.


A “Let’s Relax” Gift Basket

There is no doubt that bringing a new baby home can be stressful. It can be stressful on the body, the mind, and the spirit. One of the best gift basket ideas ever for the new parents is a “Let’s Relax” gift basket. This type of basket can instill calmness and help the new parents to get in some really valuable “me” time.

In our basket you can include:

  • Books. Self-help books that are focused on learning to relax, physical therapy rehabilitation, meditation, and more can help both parents find a place of peace during this stressful time.
  • Scented candles, relaxing massage oils, and bath products. There is nothing that says relaxation like a long hot bath and a relaxing massage, except a long hot bath with scented candles setting the atmosphere.
  • Gift certificates. Getting away for an hour or two to get a professional massage can really revitalize a new parent. Consider adding gift certificates to your basket for a massage or a spa day for both parents.

Your basket can include relaxation items for the baby too. Lavender scented baby moisturizing cream, a white noise machine, and other items can help the baby to remain calm, cool, and collected. A “Let’s Relax” gift basket is one of the best gift basket ideas ever for new parents.

Make an in-person visit to deliver your basket. Keep things light when you visit to help foster a relaxing atmosphere. In other words, this is not the time to inquire about the MRI scans that mom had to have. If the new parents want you to know anything, they will tell you without you having to ask. No sense in upsetting the apple cart with prying questions.


A Gift Basket Honoring Mom and Dad’s Alma Maters

One of the best gift basket ideas ever is to fill a basket full of branded items from mom and dad’s alma mater. Every school, even your local trade school, will have merchandise for babies with the school’s mascot, slogan, or just the school’s name.

Here are some of the items that you can include in the basket:

  • A blanket. Most schools will have blankets for sale with the school’s name.
  • Onesies are also almost available. A sweet little t-shirt or two can have a big impact on a gift basket.
  • Hats and other merchandise. Try to pull together a complete outfit or two.

Ideally, you can get swag from both parent’s alma maters. You can follow the same idea using their favorite sports teams, too. Every major sports team has a kid section in their merchandise shop. Proud parents would love for their little ones to represent their favorite teams.

You can throw a little something in for mom and dad in the form of a pair of tickets for a few months away when they are ready to leave the baby with a sitter. Want to go one step further? Offer to be the sitter for that game date.


Baby Gift Basket 3 Gift Basket Ideas Ever for New Mothers


A Wine and Cheese Basket

Another of the best gift basket ideas ever is putting together a wine and cheese basket. Everyone loves wine and cheese. Of course, if your parents are the odd ones out and they do not love wine or cheese, you can make a beer and pretzel basket, or a hot cocoa and cookie basket. You get the idea, pick a couple of food groups and make a basket full of tasty treats.

Throw in something for the baby to ensure that you are sending the message that the gifts are to celebrate the arrival of the baby. Here are some great ideas for a wine and cheese basket for a new baby:

  • Include etched glassware. Have two wine glasses etched with the baby’s birth date?
  • Add a sweet baby toy. A small stuffed animal for a baby is also a nice way to say welcome to the world.
  • Add a rattle, silver spoon, or another small gift for the baby.

New parents greatly appreciate an opportunity to be reminded that they are still people separate from being parents. A wonderful wine and cheese basket can help them to carve out a little time to remind themselves that it is not all about diapers and bottles.


A Self-Care Basket for Mom

Another of the best gift basket ideas ever celebrates mom. A self-care basket for mom is a great way to show mom that she is loved and cared for. Far too many mamas get pushed to the side while everyone fawns over the new baby and showers them with gifts. Mamas need love, too! New babies can be very demanding, and mom may forget that she needs to take time for herself.

Be a good friend and provide her with the reminder and the tools that she needs to get some self-care in. Your personalized gift basket can include:

  • Luxury spa-like bath items. A basket full of luxury spa-like items for the bath is a great way to help mom enjoy some me-time.
  • Manicure and pedicure sets. A quick mani and Pedi at home can be wonderful for the spirit. A small portable foot spa machine can act as your basket and you can fill it with all the tools needed.
  • Luxurious face masks, hand creams, and body lotions.

New moms often struggle with emotions after giving birth, so a little pick-me-up in the way of a self-care basket can go a long way in helping them feel better. If you notice that your friend or loved one is still not themselves after six weeks, encourage them to make a therapy appointment to help them deal with postpartum depression.


Best Gift Basket Ideas Ever for New Mothers


A Music Kit (Including a Car Playlist for the Baby)

Music can soothe the savage beast – or so the story goes. Not too sure about the savage beast but it can do wonders for keeping the baby calm in the car. A music kit gift basket is a great option for your favorite audiophile.

Creating a music playlist and including some high-quality headphones for the parents and for the baby can help new parents relax and keep the baby calm on long drives. A music kit does not have to be elaborate, but it should include things like an MP3 player that can easily hook into the car audio system.

Today you would be hard-pressed to find a car stereo that does not have MP3 connectivity or Bluetooth connectivity. Create your playlist using the parents’ favorite genre, and include some jams for the baby, too.

There are music websites that are dedicated to “baby music” to help babies relax, learn, and more. Peruse the sites and pick your favorite tracks to add to your baby playlist.


An At-Home Spa Kit Basket

New parents may not be able to get away for a pro massage for a few weeks, but that does not mean they cannot find the spa-like retreat they want at home. One of the best gift basket ideas ever is to pull together an at-home spa kit.

You can include a massager, massage oils, at-home facials, manicure and pedicure tools, and other tools, equipment, and supplies that will help new parents to create a spa-like retreat at home. You can add things for the baby in the basket, too. There are lines of products out there that are made to help babies get spa-like care at home.


Best Gift Basket Ideas Ever for New Mothers


A Tasty Treats Basket

You can never go wrong with a tasty treats basket. Everyone loves snacks. Pull together a gift basket with great healthy snacks for mom and dad. Include some reading materials while you are at it. Great tasty treats are an easy way to build a great gift basket.

A Mommy and Me Dental Care Kit

One of the best gift basket ideas ever is to put together a mommy and me dental care kit. Preventative dental care for kids right from the start can ensure good dental health for a lifetime.

Dentistry experts recommend that parents wipe baby gums down after each meal to prevent sugars from building up. In your kit include all the things that adults need for good oral hygiene, some soft cloths for the baby, and soft bristle toothbrushes for when the baby is old enough.

Best Gift Basket Ideas Ever for New Mothers


A Baby Bathing Kit

If none of the other best gift basket ideas ever got your attention, how about something especially for the baby? A baby bathing kit is a great gift basket option. You can include everything the parents will need to make bath time more pleasant.

Instead of using a traditional basket, consider purchasing a baby-sized bathtub and filling it to the brim with things like baby soaps, lotions, washcloths, a cute bathrobe, bath toys, and more to make bath time a good time.

Get creative with your baby gift basket and tap into one of these best gift basket ideas ever!



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