Best Home Decor Ideas Inspired From Your Favorite Celebrities

Most people appreciate the vibrant decor in their favorite celebrity homes. Glam and glitz may be the centerpiece of every celebrity’s house, but there is also a sense of personality and comfort. 

Celebrity homes offer a sense of inspiration. You’ll see a scream of leisure living areas, kitchen decorations, and kitchenware collection in easy-peasy corners. Most people are curious to understand how celebrity homes are planned and decorated. 

It is natural to draw inspiration from the interiors of your favorite celebrity. One of the things that will strike you from these celebrities is their unique serveware collection and cheese boards that perfectly fit in as part of their home decor. 

Here is a list of celebrities with beautiful resin charcuterie boards as part of their decor. Let’s explore and get inspired by their unique home decor!


Sophie Turner

Best Home Decor Ideas Inspired From Your Favorite Celebrities



A dining room is one of the most challenging social spaces to choose the decor for. This is a place where every piece you think of should be provocative enough to steal the show. At the same time, keep in mind the food and other features in the dining room. 

But Sophie Turner has a great combination for her wall decor and serveware decor that completes the room. Her dining room shows a creative painting in a mosaic pattern that celebrates food. 

Together with her beautiful cheeseboards, this is a dining room decor idea that will inspire your dinner parties. 

Hillary Duff

Best Home Decor Ideas Inspired From Your Favorite CelebritiesSource


You will get inspired by Hillary Duff’s sense of artistic interior decor that spans decades. Her living room boasts lovely velvet rose lounge chairs that add beautiful accents to age with her lifestyle.

Besides that, she had to get a beautiful balance to accommodate her kids. She does an excellent job of blending her decor with a collection of beautiful serveware. Her serveware includes beautiful marble cheese boards, cake stands, and unique serving trays. 

Duff is intentional about all the collections, and she hand-picks textures and furnishings that are easy to clean. 

Billie Lourd

Best Home Decor Ideas Inspired From Your Favorite CelebritiesSource


When it comes to her entire home decor, you will agree that this American Horror Story star has an eye for fine details. This is evident from her modern chef’s kitchen and a breakfast bar and table from her previous house. 

Besides, her serveware selection gives you a sneak peek of her luxurious life. Her cheese boards are a perfect addition to her home decor. It offers a great sense of inspiration to anyone looking for eco-friendly and beautifully designed serveware collections to add to their decor. 

Nicki Minaj

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If you follow Nicki on social media, you’ve probably come across a few pictures of her house interior. Her grand entrance hall is familiar to most of her Instagram followers. The hallway is characterized by marble tile floors and double hardwood doors with carved glass panels on the sides. 

Also, the 38-year-old musician graced our timelines with a glimpse of her kitchen. While posing in front of a glass-fronted cabinet, you could see a selection of dishes and crockery. In addition to her kitchen collection are various wooden serving boards. 

All these unique serveware collections contribute to her home decor. The kitchen floor is accentuated with wooden floors and white wood paneling on the lower half of the walls. 

This is one of the celebrities’ homes that many people can draw inspiration for their home decor.

Kelly Rowland

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Rowland has a stunningly beautiful house that’s accentuated with vibrant artwork. Her beautiful LA farmhouse blends modern and elegant table sets, while her kitchen has gorgeous marble tops.

The former Destiny’s Child member blends her elegant home decor with her kitchenware. Wooden serveware is part of the beautiful addition in her kitchen decor, which combines well with her vibrant artwork. 

Kelly Rowland’s house is one of the most inspiring celeb home decors you would love to try. Especially incorporating your unique serveware as part of your home decor.

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