6 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Last updated on February 17th, 2023

With increasing levels of urbanization, not everyone has the luxury to be surrounded by beautiful and sprawling gardens. The best way to incorporate some greenery into your surroundings is by the use of indoor plants for home decor. Not only do they give a calm and soothing environment to your house but they also purify the air and make beautiful additions to your home. Indoor plants are ideal for people who lead a busy life since they require little to no attention and spruce up your dwelling place. There are varieties of indoor plants available, but according to expert interior plant designer, some of the best that adds visual aesthetics to your home decor is listed below.


Indoor Plants For Home Decor

Image credit: Simone Morciano/Thejoyofplants.co.uk


  1. Jade plant

The Jade plant is considered to be a symbol of good luck. It has a rustic woody stem and tiny succulent leaves which gives it a distinctive appearance. They resemble cute tiny trees and look best when placed by the window sill or on the study/office table which receives some amount of sunlight.

  2. Pothos or money plant

Pothos, also known as the money plant has beautiful heart-shaped green leaves that sometimes have streaks of yellow, pale green, or white. It is a very versatile plant that can be grown either in soil or in water. You can put it in a fishbowl or use a planter with a moss stick for the trailing vines to climb up. Or put it on a shelf to get a leafy overhang.

  3. Broken heart philodendron

Broken heart philodendron is an evergreen attractive house plant. It has large, dark green, leathery leaves with holes in the leaf blades creating a stunning pattern. The plant is a climber with ornamental foliage giving a unique touch to your house wherever it is placed be it the window or the balcony. It can grow up to 10 feet long and makes it a great plant to add to a high shelf or a hanging planter.

  4. Areca palm

Areca palm is a common indoor plant widely used to add a bright green color to your interiors giving your house a tropical touch. It grows well in bright indirect light and hence should be kept beside the window or balcony door. Small potted palms are excellent for decorating your desk space. The areca palm adorned with rice lights beside the sofa transforms that part of the room into a cozy corner.

  5. Anthurium

Anthurium, also called the flamingo flower looks gorgeous when kept indoors. The red-modified leaves which are often mistaken as the flower is the highlight of this plant making it a colorful addition to your home. This should be placed in an area receiving indirect light and can be used to add color to a dull space.

  6. Succulents

Succulents are very popular when it comes to indoor plants because they are nearly indestructible and make a grand showpiece for your tabletops. They are practically disease-free and low-maintenance plants requiring very less water making them a perfect choice for indoor plants.

To enhance the beauty of these indoor plants for home decor you can use some colorful pots and planters made of ceramic, clay, metal, or jute. If you don’t have space for plants you can use hanging planters, especially for plants that are vines or climbers.

You can create a green corner in your house by adding plants on the side table or using plants like areca palm to fill up an empty space. You can add some planters to the wall shelves giving them a touch of nature. The dining table, foyer area, and living room can be decorated beautifully by the addition of a few plants. Therefore, make space for some of these plants to enhance the aesthetics of your home.


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