Best Interior Design Shows to Binge-On

Without doubts, the pandemic has affected our lives in many ways. Our daily routine is far from what it used to be. But the good news is that we have enough time on our hands right now to do something productive. What better time to binge-watch interior design TV shows that are not only entertaining but you can also learn a lot from and brush up your design skills?.

Whether you are a design lover, an aspiring interior decorator, or even just a passer-by, there are brilliant interior design tv shows that will help you pass the time in the most amusing way. Here, we’ve rounded up the best interior shows to binge-watch right now.

From incredible home makeovers, eclectic and stylized interior designs, and life-changing renovations, whatever you’re into, we’ve pretty much got you covered with the best binge-able design-centric series.


Fixer Upper

Inarguably, Fixer Upper is one of the most popular interior design shows of all time. This HGTV reality show is absolutely worth the watch if you haven’t seen it already. Featuring power couple Chip and Joanna Gaines, who runs a home redecoration and renovation business, this show could easily become one of your favorites.

The duo helps their client turn their dilapidated homes into unique and stylish spaces. Fixer Upper became a sensation shortly after its debut in 2004 and has since generated an increase in the economic and tourism development in Waco, Texas, where it was filmed.


Best Interior Design Shows


The Great Interior Design Challenge

First aired in 2014, this interior design TV show focuses on finding the best amateur interior designers in Britain to compete for a grand prize.

Working in a variety of architectural styles, these designers are being required to make-over a room in the home of their individual clients, and they’re given three days to complete it within a £1,000 budget bracket. In other to win, the contestants have to impress both the homeowners and the judges.

If you are redesigning your home, this is a great TV show to get inspiration from.


Best Interior Design Shows


Stay Here

Featuring the world-famous interior designer Genevieve Gorder alongside real estate guru Peter Lorimer, this Netflix series a must-watch for design lovers!

The American reality TV series focuses on helping rental owners improve their homes and make a better profit. In this series, these experts go through the process of showing these homeowners how to optimize their homes and turn their short-term rental into moneymaking showstoppers across the country.

If you own a holiday rental property or planning to invest in holiday homes, this might be the perfect show for you to binge on!


Best Interior Design Shows


Queer Eye

I cannot recommend this show enough! Queer Eye has been making waves on Netflix for a while now. The award-winning TV show focuses on giving people a makeover- inside and out, and home renovation is one aspect of these transformations.

What is more intriguing is that this show is also quite heart-warming as it captures the unique spirit of each homeowner, at the same time, creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Best Interior Design Shows


The World’s Most Extraordinary Properties

This amazing BBC series features award-winning architect Piers Taylor and renowned property enthusiast and actress Caroline Quentin who sets out to explore the most extraordinary architect-designed properties around the world.

In this series, the duo visits jaw-dropping houses built in the forests, mountains, coasts, and also underground locations around the globe. Each episode in this series is named according to the houses’ location or environment.

To explore these homes in-depth, the hosts spend a night there. if you appreciate architectural creativity, this might be the perfect show for you.


Best Interior Design Shows


Amazing Interiors

Just as the name suggests, this Netflix original series focuses on amazing and unusual interiors. This show takes you on a journey around the world, showcasing various incredible interior design projects.

In Amazing Interiors, the homeowners show the unusual and eccentric ways in which they’ve decked out the interiors of their homes. Some of these homes double as part-time museums and they reflect the lifestyle and specific interests of these homeowners.

This is a binge-worthy series for design lovers, so don’t miss out!


Best Interior Design Shows




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