Best Type of House for Newlyweds

It’s all set! You’re spending your life with someone and now you have to choose the best space that will be conducive for both of you. There’s usually a mix of excitement and confusion here. Here’s why. Most newlyweds seek the perfect space to spend this new chapter of their life. They plan for their present and future needs, and some plan for their kids too.

It takes a lot to find the right place to start your life as a newlywed. Only a few get their perfect house. So to help you find the right kind of place for you as a new couple. Let’s see some of the things to consider.


Have your budget

Most newlyweds make the mistake of spending too much of their savings on their first house, and for many, this had led to regret in the end. Before you start house hunting, set up a budget for the house. It should contain items such as; the house itself, the furniture, utility, repairs, decorations, foodstuff, and everything you need to start your life in the new house. The budget should also contain the amount that you can conveniently allocate to each one of these items. Avoid going too high or low setting a price for the items.

It is preferable to have this budget as an opportunity cost, that is, placing each item in the order of its importance, with the ones at the top of the list taking more priority. This will help you to spend money on the most important things when setting up your house. Avoid going beyond your budget on any item except it is a necessity. If there are better alternatives you can try them out.


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Do proper research

It should go without saying, that proper research is needed before you start. Now that you have your budget you can begin your research on the type of houses available to you in your preferred location. This research could also come before you make your budget, it will give you an insight into the things to include in the budget. When making your research look out for house agents that can help you in the search. Most real estate agents Northcote already have options available that you can pick from.

You need to think beyond physical appearance while picking a house, look out for the long-term value of the house, is it somewhere you can afford to stay for years suppose you are choosing a permanent residence. Or is it somewhere you can resell in case you have to move to find a new house or relocate to another town?

Look out for the potential cost of the home, this is not just about the initial amount, it also involves the cost of maintaining the house. If the house comes with already installed interior decorations, then that’s a plus but you will need to ensure that the interior designs are as they appear in pictures. So a prior visit to the house is needed before you pay for it.

What happens when the kids come

If you intend to have kids as a couple then it is important that you make provisions for that beforehand. This means you might need a larger house, maybe not too large but somewhere to accommodate you, your spouse, and your kids. You can consider making provisions for a nursery room, space on the balcony, and a playing area for the kids outside the house.

Check if there are good schools in the area or a park where you can take your kids in the evening. Check the proximity of the house to town and the safety of the neighborhood. Is it a safe and conducive place for your kids to grow? Putting these factors in mind will help you choose the right place for you and your future kids.

So now that you know what you should look out for in your new home, let’s see the possible types of home you can pick from.


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A small house

Not everyone likes a large house. Some prefer a compact space with enough rooms to sleep in and every other basic requirement to make life easy and comfortable. This types of house have a sitting room, dining, two bedrooms, in some cases three, or two bathrooms, with a small balcony extending outside the house. They are usually small and may cost less but will certainly give you the basic things you need to start your life together.

A larger house

This type of house provides a little more space and is ideal for couples who want somewhere bigger for themselves and their kids. They are usually available in different styles and sizes so you can pick one depending on what works for you. They usually have about three to four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and enough space for the family to spend time together. However, these kinds of houses are a little more expensive.


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A luxurious estate

This is for couples that want something a little above average, and no doubt, this is the dream of almost every newlywed. The space here is a lot bigger and more exquisite, some houses have beautiful facilities like gyms, playing grounds, basketball court, movie theatres and a lot of exciting things to use. However, these kinds of houses are usually very expensive, but if it fits your budget, why not?


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Choosing your new place can be very tasking, except, of course, you intend to employ the services of a house agent or have a place already secured. But it’s fine if you cannot get the perfect one for you and your spouse now, just make sure wherever you choose meets most of the requirements stated in this article, and then you can start from there.

Your home is one of the most important places in your life. And could greatly affect most aspects of what you do. Therefore, it should give you enough comfort and peace. As a newlywed seeking a new place to start, you should have a picture of what you want your ideal home to look like and the things you would like to have in your home. This will help you in picking a house that will most likely give you what you desire.


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