Brand New Bugaboo: Do You Need Pest Control In Your New Home?

Did you know that termites cause more than $5 million in property damage each year? These little critters are tiny yet can cause so much damage! If you have just moved house only to find the presence of ants, bugs, bedbugs, some other unwanted guest, what can you do about it? The first step is to identify whether it is a true infestation and whether you need pest control. Do you know how to determine this?

Why not follow on in our in-depth guide to find out the answer?


Let Your Nose Guide You

Before you call pest control services, you must perform a thorough investigation yourself. This includes getting an idea of how each room smells.

Rats, mice, and cockroaches often leave behind a scent that is perceptible to the human nose. If you smell something funky in the house, do not dismiss it quickly.

If you do find that there is a smell of vermin, do not delay in calling in professional help. You can consult services such as that will tell you quickly what they can do to help you.

Visual Clues

You may be able to spot signs of insect or vermin life within seconds of entering the house. You may even see the critters scurrying away as you enter the room. Keep your eyes open to anything that moves as you tour the house.

If you do see an insect moving around the house, follow it and determine whether there is a large infestation. If there is, the exterminating services are only a call away.

While you might not see the bugs themselves, you may be able to spot the droppings that they leave behind. In other cases, such as bed bugs, you may even see the skin that they have shed.

It’s not pretty, but it can help you understand the extent of the bug problem in your new house.

Inspect Dark Areas

If you are sure that you have pests at home but can’t quite prove their existence, you may need to look more closely before calling an exterminator.

Take a flashlight and start searching for residential pests in the darker places in your house. This could include attic spaces, storerooms, and even underfloor boars if it is accessible.

You may find that you have other symptoms of a bug infestation, such as the skin rashes that bed bugs cause. This is another good reason to start searching the cracks and holes in walls that bugs love to call home.

Do You Need Pest Control? And Other Questions Answered

If you are concerned that your new home is a nest of vermin and insect activity, do not worry. There are many ways to know if you have an infestation and what pest control can do about it.

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