Building a Healthy Relationship: What Signs Should You Pay Attention to?

It is a natural need of people to connect with others and form different kinds of relationships. According to our preferences we choose which kind of relationship we are going to form and how far we are willing to take it. There is a huge difference between healthy and toxic relationships. The healthy one has the power to bring the best out of you and upgrade you both spiritually and emotionally. On the other hand, a toxic relationship has the power to drain you mentally, destroy your confidence, and faith in people. Here are some things you need to pay attention to.



Communication is one of the key factors for healthy relationship maintenance. Partners should communicate their problems and thoughts, share feelings, voice their struggles, and be honest and realistic on their demands. Good communication between partners proved to be the basis for healthy functioning with long-term results. Additionally, partners who have good communication tend to have better social skills and are more comfortable around their partners.

There should not be forbidden topics, because this may affect the trust you have in your partner, and vice versa. It is challenging to discuss tough issues, but it is necessary if you want to preserve the peace in your relationship. Fights are normal, but partners in a healthy relationship fight fair. This means you do not call each other names, blame the other side for all the problems, and point out the weaknesses your partner once told you. These can cause breakups since they leave a deep scar.



This takes time. A lot of time. People sometimes tend to have trust issues and find it extremely difficult to commit. But, these are not the reasons to let them go. To build a healthy relationship with these people you need to reassure them. They must feel comfortable and peaceful around you. Trust does not only mean not to suspect your whereabouts but to feel a deep connection with their principles and way of functioning.

Trust is a long way to go, but if you maintain consistency, and keep your word, then you are setting the right course for both you and your partner. Sometimes, you do not know if someone is falling for you. One of the signs a man is falling in love with you can be a constant need to talk to you, be close to you, and be in your presence. With women, it is, however, a bit different. Sometimes, both men and women see this as the weak point and feel uncomfortable setting their trust upon someone.


It is of immense importance to support your person before you even get attached and bring your relationship to a whole new level. The point is to be consistent when it comes to the support you are giving to your partner and not to change it in the relationship. Your support should be the inspiration and motivation for your partner to keep growing and be a better version of yourself.

However, if you find some of the plans to be bad, harmful, or just a waste of time, it is important to share your thoughts at the very beginning and to lead to a better solution. It is not the point to let your partner sink with some decisions just for the sake of the relationship harmony or to respect someone’s personal preference. An efficient compromise is always the best way to go. This is why the previously mentioned communication is crucial for the relationship to function. 


Building a Healthy Relationship: What Signs Should You Pay Attention to?



You are not alone in the relationship. The relationship needs two people for it to function, therefore you need to be equally involved and committed. Both people should have a word in a relationship. You should plan and decide on things together. From what you are having for dinner to the small business you want to establish. The root of this is you see each other as equals. It is not meant just for one to bear all the burden, you are in the things together.  You both contribute to the relationship. 


Respect is the key to any kind of connection or relationship. It is mandatory to respect your partner for who she/he is and to see them as unique individuals. Additionally, you need to see your partner as a human being with their own pride, dignity, personality, wishes, dreams, goals, and to never underestimate or undermine them. When it comes to boundaries, you can set the boundaries in relationships only if they are not extreme and are respected. Boundaries can be crossed only if both sides are comfortable with it, otherwise, it is pointless. 

Relationships, before they even start, should be grounded on the things you agreed on. The first rule for the perfect start is not to try to change anyone and to accept them for whom they are. If there is a need to change someone, then it has no purpose. It gets a dimension if someone is willing to change because of you. 

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