Bungee Fitness – A New Way To Exercise And Have Fun

Tired of going to the gym and always doing the same thing? This new sport is ready to get you out of your boredom and make you fly through the air. It’s called Bungee Fitness and we can say that it is a kind of bungee jumping that is practiced in gyms. But it is not just about jumping; it is far from it. This sport incorporates all kinds of exercises and even choreography, the only rule is that you must do it hanging from an elastic rope.

Bungee fitness is an original sport from Thailand, which is being introduced into lots of sports centers. This alternative to traditional training combines aerial yoga, bungee jumping, and TRX (training based on suspension exercises, where hands and feet are held on an anchor point).

How bungee fitness works

The Bungee Workout is a type of exercise routine that will make you get fit quickly without realizing it. Bungee Workout combines fitness moves and traditional exercise routines with fun ropes. The exercises and movements are especially good for strengthening the abdominal area and legs.

This activity is similar in concept to aerial yoga and serves as a method to improve your figure and keep fit. The fun and nature of bungee fitness have encouraged personal trainers to go into this activity.


The most fitness version of bungee, the bungee fit (or bungee fitness) is mostly oriented towards sporting achievements by combining exercises such as squats, push-ups, and jumps. This is the least artistic “sport” version. It carries out resistance and strength training. A full workout session has high-intensity exercises. The best thing is that you can notice great results with very short sessions.

On the other hand, the most artistic version, the bungee dance is usually the favorite of lovers of any type of dance. While it is not less demanding, it is more stylish. This version mixes dance with acrobatics in a very fluid beat. Suspended in the air you can do amazing things.

If you want bungee exercise class near me bungee yoga, there are plenty of gyms offering this service in countries like the United States and Mexico. This sport is likely to hit other countries sooner than later.

Main benefits

Cardio: burning calories

Do you know that pleasant feeling we get after doing cardio? Well, the loss of calories is higher due to bungee workout movements. You will notice the effects after a few sessions.

Remember that the calories you burn while exercising depend largely on your metabolism. Certainly, bungee aerobics is a high-intensity activity, where jumps, turns and other movements will make you sweat and lose fat in a very fun and motivating way that will make you continue in the activity for a long time. Approximately, 500 to 800 kcal are burned in 60 minutes of exercise during a bungee workout workshop.



You will ‘have a ball’!

Dancing, running, jumping, bouncing… in Bungee, both in its “fitness” and “dance” versions, each class is a party full of adrenaline and emotion. If you want to take part in these workshops, search bungee workout class near me on Google. The number of gyms offering this training is going up.

Increased cardiovascular endurance

Your energy level and physical endurance will rise noticeably, as your body fat level decreases. In addition, your immune system is favored as a result of fitness aerobics.

Increased muscle mass

Thanks to the harness and bungee movements, you keep your core active throughout the session. You perform low-impact activities that combine strength, functional exercises, and cardio.

Improved coordination

It does not matter if you are a bit of a duck or an experienced dancer. Bungee fitness will help you improve the coordination of your body and movements… while you jump, bounce, and dance.


Bungee workout also has disadvantages.

This sport needs a lot of space as it requires a large room for the ropes. This is the reason why it is not yet taught in almost any gym. In fact, at the moment you can only find this service in the United States, Mexico, and a reduced number of countries. But, if it is as successful as it seems, surely all gyms will make room for it.

If you have your doubts, feel free to google bungee fitness near me to check if it is already available in your city.

Who can practice Bungee Fitness or Dance?

You can practice bungee fitness, although there are some contraindications you may consider. If you have a serious problem with your joints, knees, ankles, etc., these exercises can be uncomfortable and painful. On the other hand, we do not recommend bungee dance or bungee aerobics for people with epilepsy.

Nonetheless, this activity is suitable for all ages and levels as it relies on body weight without impacting the joints. In addition, ropes and harnesses support up to 100 kilograms.

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