Can You Have Too Much Art On Your Walls? Find out Here

No home is complete without art, but you should be cautious of the amount of art you hang on your walls.

Can you have too much art on your walls? Yes, you can.

To prevent the art from looking overcrowded, allow at least four inches between the frames. If you place the art closer than this, even the smallest imperfections stick out, and you don’t want this, do you?

Besides watching out the number of art pieces you hang on your walls, there are many other tips you need to pay attention to, to give your walls the tender loving they deserve. These tips include:


Take your time

When homeowners decide that it’s time to decorate their houses with wall art, they rush to the nearest store and buy supplies and desired pieces. Don’t do this.

For the perfect results, take your time to go over the different rooms in the house and visualize how the art pieces will come together.

You will even be better off working with a professional who will help you sketch a plan a computer program.

You should never proceed with the installation before you have had a clear image of how the art will look once you are done.


Can You Have Too Much Art On Your Walls? Find out Here


Go for bigger pieces

Bigger is always better when it comes to wall art. This is because the big art covers a large part of the wall and shows the images much better.

There is no limit to how big your wall art can be. Even if it’s bigger than your sofa, you can always balance the look by adding other objects on either side of the sofa. For example, you can place end tables or a pedestal with a sculpture or plant.

Use the right mounting hardware

To avoid damaging your art, you need to use the right mounting hardware. You can get away with a hammer and nails for the small pieces, but you will need handy tools such as a stud finder and an electric level for the larger ones.

You can mount the small items by yourself, but you will need to hire a professional for the larger items.

While having the right equipment is important, don’t overdo it. For example, don’t use heavy-duty Sheetrock nails if you don’t need them, as they will make extremely large holes that give your walls an ugly look.


5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Painting for Your Living Room, Can You Have Too Much Art On Your Walls? Find out HereCan You Have Too Much Art On Your Walls? Find out Here


Think outside the box

Many homes use the same decorations repeatedly. While less is usually more in art, thinking outside the box is always good.

For example, you can always blend art with artifacts along the wall. You can also turn a corner with the art pieces, creating a sense of movement throughout the space.

If you aren’t sure about how to make your art more interesting, work with a professional to help you out.

Show off your favorite pieces

We all have our favorites, whether its shoes, clothes, or anything else. When you are placing your art on the walls, you will definitely come across some pieces that you will love better than others.

When arranging the wall art, always start with your favorites, then build from there. When making the arrangement, pay close attention to the scale and proportion and what you want the eye to see first, the moment you get in a room.

Pay attention to lighting

Work with lighting to complement the look of the art pieces. For example, highlight the wall art with a picture light or sconces.

As a rule of thumb, ensure that any ceiling fixture you have in the room doesn’t obstruct the line of sight to the pieces of art you have used.


IDEAL HOME SEPT 19 living room 920x920 1 Too Much Art On Your Walls


Mix and match the frames

You might think that you will create confusion by having frames of different styles, but this isn’t the case.

By mixing and matching the frames, you give your home an interesting look, which comes in handy as an excellent conversation starter.

Most homes have different finishes, so everything eventually comes together even when you have different frame styles.

Of course, for the best results, work with a professional that will guide you on the best frame styles to use and how to play around with them.

Hang the pieces throughout the house

To create uniformity, you need to hang the art pieces throughout the house, including the less obvious rooms and places such as between the toilet tank and wall cabinet, in a walk-in closet, or even in the laundry room.

Go easy on variety

As much as we have said that you should create variety to break the monotonous look, you shouldn’t go overboard that you give your wall a confused look.

For example, don’t hang art of scripture quotes, a framed unicorn picture next to it, a death metal poster next, then an old Bavarian clock to complete the look.

As much as this might seem interesting, it’s bizarre, as none of the pieces work together.

The right way to go about it is to pick a few pieces that reflect your interests and place them on your wall. Of course, they should all work together, even if they are visually different.


Can You Have Too Much Art On Your Walls? Find out Here


Pay attention to the wall color

The wall color is vital in creating a clean backdrop for your statement piece of art. One of the best colors to go for is a clean neutral color. It doesn’t have to be chalk white. Any color without undertones will do as it will let the art be the focus.

Don’t spend too much than necessary

It’s good to go for quality wall art, but you shouldn’t spend too much than you need to. Don’t take a loan to buy wall art.

Most homeowners will want one large piece of art to make the house look elegant and appealing, but this large piece doesn’t come cheap.

If you can’t afford the piece, don’t worry, as you can always buy small pieces of artwork and then strategically place them on your wall so that they read as one solid focal point.


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