Carpenter Ants vs Black Ants: How TO Eradicate Them From Your Space

Having ants in your house can be really troublesome. They not only cause a lot of chaos but also spoil food items in your kitchen or can even get into your appliances to spoil them.

Two types of ants are most commonly found in households. They are the Carpenter Ants and the Black Ants. Another fact about ants is that they are never just one or two of them; there is a complete trail.

However, identifying the type of ant that you are dealing with is the first step to effective pest control. There are distinct features of both the ants. Some of the things that make them different from each other are:


Physical Appearance 

The primary way of identifying your ant is their physical appearance, which differs from the carpenter ant and the black ant. While the black ant is just black in color, the carpenter can vary in colors like black, maroon, red, brown, or combination.

Another thing that is different is the size of these ants. Carpenter ants are considerably larger in size than black ants.

The next area of distinction is their thorax. Black ants have an uneven thorax, whereas the carpenter ant’s thorax is smoothly rounded.


Another way of identifying the Ants is the way they live in your house. If the ants you see live in a nest that they create in a wooden area, you’re probably dealing with carpenter ants. Creating nests for habitat is typical carpenter ant behaviour—the leaves behind sawdust in the area that they had created the nests are just like termites.

However, if the ants come in long trails or groups and collect in an area where you have sweet food items or just regular food items, those are likely to be the black ants.

Size of the colony

The colony size of the two ants is also different. At the same time, the colony size of carpenter ants is just 2,000 to 3,000 ants per colony. The colony size of black ants typically contains 4,000 to 7,000 workers, though some have been known to reach 15,000. Black and are also monogamous, which means that they have only one Queen ant per colony.

What can be done to control these ants?

 While getting rid of black ants could be comparatively simpler because they are visible on the surface, carpenter ants might particularly need professional pest control. You need to identify the area that the ants infect. You should then contact an ant control professional who will identify their source and treat them effectively for the long term. On your end, you should make sure that there are no leaks in the roof or in the plumbing so that there is no moist wood that would attract the carpenter ants.



While ants might not seem much of a problem because of their small size, it is advisable to get rid of them as soon as possible. They might spoil a lot of things, including good items, wooden shelves, appliances, etc. They also hamper the impression of your house in front of other people. Therefore, get rid of them as soon as possible.

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