CBD Gummies vs. Capsules: The Differences You Should Know

There are plenty of ways to consume your CBD, and two favorites are gummies and capsules. One is certainly a more pleasurable experience, but you may be wondering which of these iterations is better. What it all boils down to is what do you want out of your CBD and personal preference.

Many of the gummies on the market claim to be multivitamins that can boost your health in more ways than one. The great news is that all high-quality CBD oil gummies and capsules are effective when used correctly. Here are some key differences that you should know.



Because CBD gummies are so novel and attractive, they tend to be more expensive than capsules. The downside to this is that typically, high-quality CBD products tend to cost more, but with all gummies being priced higher, it may be a little more difficult to discern which ones are of better quality.

You will notice that CBD capsules are less expensive than their chewy counterparts, as they contain fewer ingredients and require less processing. If the cost of the product is driving your choice, capsules are likely to be what you’re looking for. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Being too thrifty can equate to a total waste of money. Do your research and be sure that you’re choosing a quality product.

CBD Content

The amount of CBD in gummies is sometimes less than that found in capsules. The active amount of cannabidiol should be clearly stated on the labeling, telling just how much is in each serving. Capsules are designed to dissolve quickly and be readily absorbed by the body in more consistent quantities.

This means capsules deliver the CBD to the bloodstream sooner. Gummies are meant to be digested, so they move into the bloodstream more slowly. But don’t let the fun and colorful look of gummies trick you into thinking that they’re not effective. Just because they make you feel like a child again, they can certainly pack a potent punch.

Symptom Specific Support

Gummies are great for overall health support and maintenance. Because they have to be digested, the CBD is released in the body later than capsules. If you’re looking to support your body in a more symptom-specific manner, capsules may be better suited for the task.

Other botanicals or minerals can be combined with CBD to better support your targeted concern. If sleep is your main reason for taking CBD, gummies are a great option because of their slower action. They also tend to linger a little longer. But if you’re avoiding sugar, gummies aren’t the best choice.

One of the many unsung advantages of CBD gummies is its unassuming nature. It presents as candy, and so it’s a lot easier to take on the go with you. Whether it’s a flight, a cruise or something else, you can usually take it with you just about anywhere. Whether you choose to use CBD gummies or capsules is a personal choice. Just be sure to thoroughly research your choice and your product.

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