Chic Bedroom Ideas for a Couple’s First Home

What a relief it is to open the doors to your new house as a couple. The best thing about owning your home is that you can customize it however you want with all of the additions you prefer and the changes you can make. You have the freedom to design your home’s interior and exterior however you see fit. The bedroom is among, if not the most, important part of your house. It is a sanctuary that gives your mind and body time to relax and recharge. Your bedroom is a couple’s little getaway from all life hassles. Therefore, you must ensure that your bedroom is always in good condition, welcoming, and comfortable. A chic bedroom is one that connects with your emotions and costs less to make it stylish and cozy. There are several simple chic bedroom ideas. However, before diving into the ideas, it is wise to look at a few things.


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Benefits of a Chic Bedroom

Furniture is not just meant to make your room or house appealing. They should also signify the kind of luxurious life you want to live. Therefore, the kind of furniture you set up in your room should reflect the type of life you live. Having a chic bedroom is a wise idea, but how do you make sure it remains in that state for a long time? What are some of the benefits you reap from having a classic, stylish, and modern bedroom? Here are some of the benefits of implementing simple chic bedroom ideas:

  • Sound sleep: A cool and quiet bedroom is a sanctuary for peace and quietness. You can have all that in a well-furnished bedroom, regardless of life hassles. Health professionals, too, advise that a normal human being should get at least eight hours of a sound slumber. Sound sleep is not only good for your physical wellbeing but also mental.
  • Reduced stress levels: You cannot forego the benefits of a well-dressed bedroom. Stress can land you in trouble, especially with your better half. Simple acts such as dressing up in your bed can significantly impact your mental disposition, consequently leading to lower stress levels.
  • You get a chance to be creative: Turning your sleeping area into a chic room allows you to get as creative as you can since you are doing it according to your tastes and preferences as a cohabiting couple.
  • Top-most privacy: Besides getting intimate with your better half, a chic bedroom can also be a great place to do some paperwork in privacy.
  • Enhanced safety: There will be reduced accident cases such as tripping or falling when your bedroom is well arranged, and everything is in order.

To enjoy the above benefits and many more of a well-groomed bedroom, the following nine simple chic bedroom ideas are some of the best ways to transform your sleeping place into a chic bedroom.


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Paint the Walls a Neutral Color

The color you choose for your bedroom matters a lot because it determines the general appearance of the room. Some people prefer having different colors on their bedroom walls, but the ideal way to go is to consider using neutral colors. There are four main neutral colors: black, grey, white, and brown.

These are the colors that match with almost any furniture you may have in the room. Painting is an easy task, and you can decide to do it yourself. That is why it is classified under these simple chic bedroom ideas. However, if you lack time for this work, then consider hiring experienced painters to do it for you. It is advisable to look for a painting company with reliable workers through a recruiting service.

Choose a Simple Color Scheme for the Rest of the Room

Simplicity is the way to go when it comes to the rest of the room. After using neutral colors on the walls, you should consider other simple colors for the bedroom roof, doors, windows, and other parts.

This is a great way to ensure the room is in cohesion, all the colors integrate naturally, and everything looks beautiful. Nothing says comfortable better than a well-painted bedroom. It also boosts your slumber and gives you the calmness you need to get a quality night’s sleep.

Some homeowners disregard the benefit of carefully and perfectly designing their bedrooms because they are not so exposed to visitors. However, ensuring your bedroom is cozy and inviting is a major consideration, especially for a couple who have moved into a new home. The best way to achieve that is by sticking to a simple color scheme that allows you to replace it without spending too much on it easily.


Simple Chic Bedroom Ideas for a Couple's First Home


Make the Bed the Center of the Bedroom

Your bed is the most crucial piece of furniture in your bedroom; it’s what makes the room a bedroom. Therefore, you must ensure that you focus more on making your bed and its contents, such as sheets and pillows, as inviting and elegant as possible. One of the things that promote healthy sleeping patterns is having a comfortable mattress. If your old mattress is no longer comfortable, it is time to get a new one for the sake of your physical and mental health.

If you are yearning for a chic bedroom in your new home, ensure your bed is strategically placed. An ideal position for your bed should be at the center of your bedroom’s longest wall. Such positioning puts the bed in the spotlight, considering that it is the most important piece of furniture in the room.

However, there are other great positions, too, and the one you choose depends on your preferences, the size of the room, the bed size, and other factors. In case you want to expand your bedroom a little bit, ensure that your home insurance covers such a project.

Keep Furniture Minimal But Cohesive

This is among the best and simple chic bedroom ideas that you can implement without any problems. The primary use for your bedroom is that it acts as the place where you lay down to relax your body and mind. Therefore, having too much furniture and clutter in there is not necessary. Nevertheless, although you focus on having less furniture in your bedroom, the ones present should naturally blend. This is in terms of color, positioning, structure, and make.

Having a mixture is the best way to go about furniture cohesion. Here, you can try to fit in old-styled furniture with new ones. For instance, you may have an old dressing table mixed with a new seat. Y

ou could have an old closet, where you keep your cufflinks for men and other essentials, mixed with a newly-curved mirror-all to ensure space is more interesting and cohesive. Some homeowners even go the extra mile of having ergonomic office furniture in their bedrooms, especially those who seek privacy and comfort when working from home.


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Add Simple But Eye-Catching Wall Decor

In recent days, wall decor has become a common phenomenon in many bedrooms. However, some people overdo the decor, and it ends up looking haphazardly. For a couple, the bedroom is just for you and your significant other. Therefore, do not focus so much on having a lot of art and drawings hanging on the walls. Instead, look for simple bedroom decor ideas and implement those that interest you. Think of a painting showing the ocean and the beach.

To some extent, such simple and cool wall decor play a pivotal role in the quality of sleep you get. As one of the best and simple chic bedroom ideas, consider adding eye-catching and straightforward wall decor to your bedroom to make it look even more appealing. As you select the decor to add, ensure you choose one that perfectly matches the paint on the walls.

Enhance Natural Lighting and Add Mirrors for a Larger Appearance

Natural lighting is quite essential because it saves you a lot on your utility bills. The more natural lighting you have in your house, the less electricity is consumed. One of the best ways to maximize the natural light coming into your chic bedroom is by increasing the window sizes and ensuring that the window panes are clear and large enough. You can even think of using a translucent roof that lets in more natural light.

Moreover, not enough light can come into your new bedroom if the windows are blocked by the trees outside. In such a case, you have to take action to have the trees cut down. You can do that by yourself, or consider procuring a tree removal service. Adequate natural lighting in your bedroom is among the simple chic bedroom ideas today.

Having more mirrors in your bedroom makes it appear bigger and more glamorous while maintaining its rustic look. The mirrors will always give you a glimpse of the rustic chic look of your bedroom.


Chic 5 Chic Bedroom Ideas


Ensure the Room Will Maintain a Cool Temperature

Getting a sound slumber may be hard when the weather is hot. This is why it is advisable to ensure your bedroom remains cool, especially during the hot months. On the previous point, you have learned of having large windows to let in natural light.

Such windows, too, ensure there is enough airflow into and out of your bedroom and ventilation is maximized. Apart from having large windows, you should also consider having an HVAC system to cool your bedroom and the entire house.

There are many professionals in the air conditioning installation field, and you can easily hire one from the internet. You also need to ensure your bedroom is warm enough during the cold season on the flip side. Insulating the room prevents it from losing a lot of heat and sound intrusion. If you are unsure how to go about this process, you can always hire an insulation contractor who understands this job well.

Add Flowers and Other Small Plants to the Bedroom

Do not shy off from including a few plants and flowers in your bedroom as one of the simple chic bedroom ideas. According to research, having a few plants in your bedroom is quite beneficial, especially when cleaning the indoor air. Science shows that during the day, flowers and plants take in carbon dioxide and produce pure oxygen, and vice versa is true during the night. However, a few plants cannot produce harmful carbon dioxide in large quantities.

The benefits of having plants are not only seen in your bedroom but also in your entire home. For instance, having a few plants and flowers on your patio ensures that the air on the outside is high-quality and breathable. On today’s market, you can even get plants for bedrooms with slumber-inducing scents. Research more on the ideal plants for your bedroom to ensure you make the right choice.


Chic 6 Chic Bedroom Ideas


Keep the Room Organized and Clean

This is the last item on simple chic bedroom ideas covered here. Can you get enough sleep in a stuffy, dirty, and disorganized bedroom? The answer depends on your personality, but you must embrace cleanliness and organization for your bedroom to achieve a quality slumber. Let your bedroom be as smart and clean as you are. For instance, if you keep up with advice from your dentist about mouth cleanliness, ensure you also maintain the cleanliness in your bedroom.

A messy bedroom is not only disgusting but also home to insects that may cause a nuisance. When you move into your new home, ensure you have the bedroom checked and fumigated. You can think of procuring bed bug control services to get rid of any bedbugs in the room.

One of the most important things you can achieve as a couple is having your own home. Moving into a new home gives you the freedom to change it according to your preferred style and taste. The bedroom is an essential part of your home, and you must ensure it is in good condition always. Turning your bedroom into a chic room is not easy, and that is why this article explains some of the best and simple chic bedroom ideas to give you a hint of what it’s all about.


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