Chic Wedding Dress Inspirations for Your Intimate Wedding

Need Bridal Inspirations?

It can be nerve-wracking to picture the best dress or gown to wear on your wedding day. You want to look your absolute best, while also staying true to your own style and aesthetic. You may have tried scouring through Pinterest, Instagram, and fashion magazines, but it has only made your choices broader and your decision-making tougher.

Fortunately, this blog offers a detailed and organized guide to help brides find ideas for wedding dresses fit for an intimate celebration.


Intimate Wedding Style Inspirations

While there are probably tons of breathtaking images of wedding dresses online, that doesn’t mean you have to take in every detail or design that you fancy. Sometimes, you also need to pause and ask yourself if the dress style truly speaks to your preferences.

A great way to organize your options is by categorizing the different types of bridal dresses that you want. You can segregate them based on the length of the dress, the type of neckline, or the fabric choice—similar to the guide below:

  • Long vs Short

Chic Wedding Dress Inspirations for Your Intimate Wedding

Chic Wedding Dress Inspirations for Your Intimate Wedding


Dramatic lengths always add a wow factor to a simple wedding. Big ball gowns suit brides who want to feel like a princess on their special day. On the other hand, long, silk dresses with a sleek silhouette make you look taller and sophisticated. Do you want to emphasize your silhouette? A mermaid-cut gown is perfect for you.


Chic Wedding Dress Inspirations for Your Intimate Wedding   

 Chic Wedding Dress Inspirations for Your Intimate Wedding     


For brides whose gown length leans more towards the practical side, a layered A-line skirt or a knee-length pencil skirt will make you look stunning yet chic. Find a short dress with a top that has geometric and dramatic cuts to balance the short length of your dress.

  • Dramatic vs Minimalist

Off-shoulder tops and Grecian draping for the top add a romantic appeal to simple silhouettes and gowns. It is also a great way to show off your shoulders and add a fun factor to your wedding gown.


unnamed 1 1 Wedding Dress Inspirations

Chic Wedding Dress Inspirations for Your Intimate Wedding


Deep v-necks and backless dresses are enough to make your groom swoon over your gorgeous bridal look. More dramatic details you can add to your wedding dress include bedazzled straps, tulle, and lace sleeves. If you want more volume to your top, a peplum tube top adorned with pearls is all the flair you need to turn heads at your wedding. See these details added on different wedding dresses from Avery Austin to give you more idea of the design you want.


Chic Wedding Dress Inspirations for Your Intimate Wedding

unnamed 6 Wedding Dress Inspirations


For the bottom part of your gown, how about long skirts with slits? High slits are a popular choice for brides who want to look sexy in their wedding gowns without having to expose too much skin all the time. 

Slip dresses are also in style right now. For shorter dresses, tulip skirts and pencil skirts with a long drape on the back are excellent options for the minimalistic aesthetic. The drape is a great match if you want to feel like a supermodel while also channeling your inner bride. It adds just enough drama without overpowering your style and looks at your wedding.


  • Color or Not?

unnamed 1 3 Wedding Dress Inspirations

unnamed 7 Wedding Dress Inspirations


Since it will be an intimate wedding, there is also the opportunity to make your wedding day as unique as possible by adding a splash of color. Whoever said that bridal gowns are only supposed to be white is stuck in the stone age. For brides, there will always be the pressure to stand out as the other half of a marital union. 

One of the best things about living in the present day is that fashion and society have grown to become more receptive to the unexpected. People don’t always have to follow trends to look and feel good. Sometimes, embracing your personal style is all it takes for the spotlight to shine over you. If you prefer to take the unconventional route, then don’t be afraid to wear something that people wouldn’t normally expect from you.

Wear a sweet lavender gown, a light pink skirt, or a sharp red ensemble if that’s what your heart tells you to do. Don’t let your wedding day be boxed into a traditional idea of what other people picture a wedding should look like. At the end of the day, when you look back on your wedding ceremony, you will remember what happened, what you wore, and not what people said you should do.

  • Suit Up

unnamed 5 1 Wedding Dress Inspirations

unnamed 2 2 Wedding Dress Inspirations

unnamed 4 1 Wedding Dress Inspirations

unnamed 3 1 Wedding Dress Inspirations


Who says brides are only supposed to wear gowns? Brides wearing suits are a thing now. It looks modern, well put-together, and edgy. Imagine yourself sporting a sharp, cream-white, or powder blue suit. You will surely leave your guests surprised. Also, moving around in a pair of tailored pants is easier compared to a dress.

Pair your wedding suit with a sleek ponytail or a messy bun and to pull off a minimalistic and intimate wedding look.

Comfort Before Anything Else

An important part of this set of wedding planning tips is this: Don’t forget to think about what feels comfortable for you as you go through these wedding inspiration tips. Also, it’s important to find the right bra to fit your outfit. We suggest the best sticky bra.  It is okay to try something new and step outside of your comfort zone, just remember to pick what feels right and fitting for your ceremony.



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