Children’s Bathroom Design Ideas

Kids deserve a fun bathroom that feels like theirs, a fun zone where they control the look and design. That said, allowing them total creative power is not wise, though, as some children may go overboard. Instead, you need to understand how to remodel their bathroom in a way that makes sense for their needs and yours. Looking for children’s bathroom design ideas? You’re in the right place!

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the most fabulous children’s bathroom design ideas that we could find. These concepts are designed to appeal to many children and create styles that match their personalities. Each has a few different aspects to consider before you start your renovation.


Why Remodel Your Children’s Bathroom?

Children's Bathroom Design Ideas


Before you start with the renovation process, it is crucial to understand why you would remodel your child’s bathroom in the first place. Each family will have different reasons for this change, and understanding yours helps make your progress easier. These reasons may include:

  • You’re moving soon: If you just moved into a house or plan on leaving your current abode, renovations to a children’s bathroom can help out by personalizing the room or making it more neutral for new buyers. This option helps to make your bathroom and home easier to sell.
  • Your child is growing up: When your child was young, they wanted many cartoon characters in their bathroom design. Now, though, they are growing up and enjoy a more mature and diverse bathroom that doesn’t feel so kid-like anymore. Many kids prefer this option as they become a preteenager.
  • You have some great ideas – If you already know what kind of children’s bathroom design ideas you want to utilize for your look, it is good to upgrade the bathroom. Doing so will allow you to get the overall look and feel that you want for a reasonable price. It also cuts back on your renovation time.

Thankfully, an excellent general remodeling contractor can help with this type of project. They will create the different looks and styles that you want using safe and inexpensive materials. Most contractors will work directly with you based on your designs and create unique styles as needed.


Fix-It Up

The most common children’s bathroom design ideas center around fixing up the bathroom as it exists. Start with this process to get to a baseline quality level and work out from there to ensure you get great results. A few steps that you can take in this situation include:

  • Fixture upgrades: Make sure that the fixtures in your child’s bathroom are as strong as possible. You may have to repair or replace any that or broken, out of date, or simply not to your child’s taste. Start here or wait until after you’ve performed any necessary appliance replacement.
  • Appliance and flooring upgrades: Removing an old toilet or sink is often a significant step because you can add more child-friendly hardware instead. And you can add a non-slip tile that looks great but which won’t increase the danger of your child slipping when the floor is wet.
  • Plumbing repairs: Upgrade the pipes and other plumbing elements in your child’s bathroom to help water flow more smoothly. For example, add larger toilet pipes to make toilet paper removal easier – lots of kids use way too much toilet paper every time they go.

Most of these upgrades include things that you can purchase at just about any hardware store. For example, you may be able to find a replacement toilet with no difficulty but also find elements like piping, new fixtures, and anything else that you need for your child’s bathroom upgrades.


Ensure the Bathroom’s the Proper Temperature

Children's Bathroom Design Ideas


Some of the best children’s bathroom design ideas center around comfort that is felt rather than seen. For example, these steps will help to balance the temperature of the bathroom. In this way, your child will feel more comfortable whenever they’re inside. These include measures like:

  • Enhancing the tile: Some tiles may be more insulative than others. Try to find an option that is a little thicker and which does not create a cold floor. These cold floors may be uncomfortable and could trigger a higher risk for some diseases, like a cold.
  • Improving your insulation: Try to enhance your child’s bathroom insulation by adding new varieties throughout the walls. Pay special attention to the windows on your home and place more vital and more vibrant insulation around here to avoid temperature exchange.
  • Performing HVAC maintenance: Either upgrade your HVAC system to make it easier to control your child’s bathroom temperature or perform a few maintenance steps to ensure it runs smoothly. For instance, you could add a separate temperature control for the bathroom, if needed.

Though these children’s bathroom design ideas aren’t flashy and may not be immediately visible, they make a child’s bathroom more comfortable and relaxing. And this benefit is significant because it allows your child to feel more at home in their bathroom and less discomfort when they try to take a shower or use the toilet.


Consider the Best Organizational Methods for Your Kids

Organization requires the best children’s bathroom design ideas because your child is likely to mess up their bathroom if you aren’t careful. Organization tools make it simpler for them to avoid excessive clutter and keep their bathroom clean. Just a few options here include:

  • Bathroom shelves: Children love organizing if they can make a game of it, and shelves may help you out in this way. Create fun shelves that they can use to store items like their favorite bathroom toys, hand and body towels, and even soaps and shampoos for their needs.
  • Towel hangers: Towels have a way of creating a mess in even the cleanest child’s bathroom. However, if you use hangers and scatter them where your child can reach, you shouldn’t have any difficulty with towels. Keeping them hung up also allows them to dry more easily for repeat uses.
  • Clothes baskets: Good clothes baskets help children keep their dirty towels off the floor and provide an accessible gathering area for dirty clothes. Many children will happily collect their clothes in this way and help out with the laundry by bringing their basket to the laundry room throughout the week.

You may need to consider residential waste removal in some extreme cases if your child’s bathroom needs that many upgrades. Thankfully, you probably don’t have to consider this step long-term, as your child is likely to take care of these needs on their own without your influence or guidance.


Make Sure Dental Products Are Prioritized

Children's Bathroom Design Ideas


The best children’s bathroom design ideas don’t necessarily center around aesthetics alone. Many help to enhance your child’s oral health and keep their teeth strong. Here are a few ways that you can help out:

  • Finding gentle dental care products: Some children may have sensitive teeth or have a natural sensitivity to brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Try to buy gentle care products that don’t affect them adversely and easy to use.
  • Creating toothpaste storage: Always keep your child’s bathroom stocked with their favorite kinds of toothpaste and toothbrushes. Make sure to take regular trips to their children’s dentistry professionals to learn more about what options are better for their needs.
  • Integrating Easier Charging Stations: Automated toothbrushes help to enhance a child’s dental care experience and make it simpler to handle. Install better-charging stations that help to make it easier for them to keep their dental gear ready to go at all times.

It is good to approach this process with a gentle hand, though, as some children will balk against excessive interference from their parents. Just make sure that these products are emphasized and prioritized without forcing the concept down their throats too often.


Let Your Kids Choose a Theme

Not all of your children’s bathroom design ideas should be centered around you. Instead, it would help if you gave your child the opportunity to choose a fun theme. Doing so helps to personalize their bathroom and make it even more appealing. A few fun themes include:

  • Dining restaurant: This fun theme lets your child create a bathroom that emulates their favorite restaurant. Though this theme may need to be changed eventually, it is often a popular option for your children, who may even use the design while they’re playing.
  • Cartoon playground: Though your children may end up wanting a change later in life, cartoon bathroom themes are appropriate when they are young. For a more long-term appeal, consider superheroes, as even adults like comic books!
  • Jungle environment: A jungle environment is often a fun theme for many bathrooms. You can paint various animals on the wall, integrate jungle-based color schemes, and take any other steps that make the bathroom more appealing to your children and yourself.

Whatever theme you and your children choose, make sure to use changes like new paint schemes, various types of stickers, and much more. Let your children help you create this theme to produce a more hands-on experience, one that they’ll be more likely to remember for a long time.


Purchase New Bathroom Supplies

Childrens Bathroom 5 Children's Bathroom Design Ideas


Your child’s bathroom should include supplies suited to their tastes and their needs. Without these items, some children may feel resentful and secretly dislike their bathroom. A few upgrades you can make here include:

  • Upgraded fixtures: Try to find fun and kid-friendly fixtures, such as sink handles, to utilize in your child’s bathroom design. Often, you can find a large number of cartoon-based handles in hardware shops or online vendors.
  • Personalized shampoo: Let your child choose different soaps and shampoos based on their taste. Often, many kid-friendly options aren’t quite as potent and still work to keep their hair clean and free of any dirt or debris.
  • Decorative towels: Personalize your child’s towels by emblazoning them with a child’s name. You can also find fun, decorative towels that include their favorite movie characters. Don’t hesitate to utilize full-body towels and washrags with the same kind of designs.

Remember – all of your children’s bathroom design ideas should center around making the bathroom more appealing and relaxing for your child. By taking simple steps like these, you allow them to personalize the room further and create the attractive look they deserve.


Ensure Privacy

A child’s bathroom should be a place where they feel safe and which enhances their privacy. As a result, privacy-based children’s bathroom design ideas are essential to consider. These simple steps will do much to make your child’s bathroom feel more like a safe place:

  • Stronger and thicker walls: When your child is “going” in their bathroom, they deserve to feel like nobody can hear them. Thankfully, more robust and thicker walls will enhance their privacy by making it more difficult for their actions to be heard elsewhere.
  • Get strong shades: You want to keep strangers from seeing into your children’s bathroom. Substantial privacy curtains help out here by allowing them to stay away from outdoor viewers. This step also helps control the bathroom temperature a bit more as well.
  • Know when to step back – A big part of parenting is understanding that your child will need privacy and that you can get it for them by trusting them. Let them choose a lock that is easy for them to use and which you can also access if there is an emergency.

Just think of how much privacy you appreciate when you’re in the bathroom. Now, strive to give your child the same level of protection. Understand, though, that you are the parent and should have the authority to open the door if the child is misbehaving in the bathroom.


Don’t Be Afraid to Upgrade

Children's Bathroom Design Ideas


As you can see, the best children’s bathroom design ideas will vary according to your needs as a family. Some of these tips may perfectly suit your needs, while others may not. Make sure to pick and choose which your child wants and try to work with them to satisfy their needs and stay within budget.

Many of these steps are things you can do yourself but make sure to contact a professional for help if necessary. Though bathroom renovation isn’t an impossible task for most people, you deserve to get the high-quality bathroom your child wants at a price that makes the most sense for your needs.



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