Choosing The Best Ambient Lights For Your Health

When choosing lights for your home or office, you need to ensure that they are the best lights for your health. Yes, it is a thing, and your visual health is vital if you want to retain your eyesight. You should especially think of visual health when choosing ambient lighting. 

Ambient lighting refers to the general lighting of a room. The overall lighting of a room is meant to uniformly illuminate as much space as possible. The following are tips to help you choose the best ambient lights for your health: 


Circadian Rhythm 

The human body has a natural clock based on nature’s light and dark processes. These processes are called the circadian rhythm, and it regulates how our bodies respond to darkness or light. Therefore, when choosing ambient lights for your health, you should consider lights that promote your natural circadian rhythm.

The BR30 light bulb produces light of the same wavelength as the sun, meant to match your natural circadian rhythm. Your body will respond in a way nature intended to, and the result is better sleep which is vastly important for your health. 

 Choose The Right Colors

Different lights produce different colors, and these colors affect our health. Our bodies have subconscious responses to various colors and light wavelengths, which control our feelings throughout the day. LED lights produce different colors, such as green, which help relieve headaches, while blue will cause them. 

Blue light typically comes from devices like smartphones and laptops, leading to headaches and migraines. Red, white, and amber are also not great options if you suffer headaches while at home. Therefore, when choosing ambient lighting for your home or office, consider the light colors as they will profoundly affect your comfort levels.


Choosing The Best Ambient Lights For Your Health


Selecting The Right Bulbs

Ambient lighting is supposed to illuminate as much of the room as possible. If you find yourself still struggling to see at night when the lights are on, or your mood just feels dull throughout the day, then chances are your room isn’t well lit. Consider looking for a higher wattage bulb.

In general, LED bulbs are much brighter than halogen or fluorescent bulbs. If you are concerned about the amount of electricity it will consume, some cheeky tricks you can use are to add more mirrors near your light sources and use white/light-colored curtains and rugs that better reflect light.

Combine Lights

Ambient lighting is supposed to provide illumination for an entire room, but that is not always possible. The lack of enough lighting, as seen, can have adverse effects on visual health. Therefore, you should try combining lights if you want your eyes to see well into old age.

In addition to ambient lighting, you may have to add task lighting for specific tasks or accent lighting to create a particular mood in a room. Combining lights will require various light fixtures that may be quite expensive. However, there is nothing more costly than your visual health, and it will reward you to combine multiple lights. 


Choosing The Best Ambient Lights For Your Health


Light Control

The two main ways lighting negatively affects your eyesight are when there is too little light to see or when the lights are too bright. Therefore, if you want to have ambient lighting that is good for your visual health, you should consider various types of light control.

You should consider having a dimmer switch in your home to adjust the level of brightness of lighting. If you are using natural lighting such as a skylight, you should have a film to adjust the light’s brightness when the sun is at its peak. Light control is key to preserving good eyesight. 

Ambient lighting is the general lighting in a room meant to illuminate as much space as possible. Ambient lighting can be bad for your health, so you should take steps to ensure it is not harmful. Having controllable lights, combining various lighting types, choosing better light colors, selecting the correct bulbs and lights that promote your circadian rhythm will be best for your health. 


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