Choosing The Best Electric Bike For A Touring Holiday

With uncertainty remaining over international leisure travel, many of us will be considering a staycation this year instead of venturing abroad. Getting the most out of your holiday can involve cramming as many activities into a short period as possible, and an electric bicycle could be the best way to explore the sights this summer.

The explosion in e-bike sales over the last 12 months means that electrically assisted bikes are a common sight on Britain’s roads and pathways. They offer a great way to see the hidden sights, often overlooked by those who meander on by in their camper vans or cars. With so many different frame styles and set-ups available, choosing the right e-bike for your holiday can be a daunting task.


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Choosing The Correct E-Bike For Your Holiday

One of the main considerations when choosing an electric bike is how easy to transport the bike will be. Often heavier than pedal-powered pushbikes, e-bikes can be cumbersome to carry and difficult to store when not in use. Therefore, the first consideration should be the frame style.

If you are planning to get off-road, then a small folding commuter e-bike may not be the right choice for you. There are a wealth of options available for all-terrain and electric mountain bikes. You can consider buying the smart Moped-Style electric bike available on that can be used as a normal moped as well as a scooter.

We reviewed a number of brands and found UK e-bike manufacturer Wisper offer by far the best balance of build quality and capability. Much of the Wisper Electric Bike range is aimed at more leisurely riders, providing high levels of comfort whilst not compromising on premium features, such as disk brakes and motor choices, or off-road handling agility.


Choosing The Best Electric Bike For A Touring Holiday


For campervan owners or those who have rear-mounted cycle racks on their cars, then the Wisper Wayfarer is one of the best value electric bikes available – especially if you are planning to get off the beaten track and explore bridleways and hill paths.

The Wayfarer has many options available, from different motor positions giving you the choice of having the motor in the rear wheel hub, or in the central crank housing.

This really is down to personal preference, so we would advise that you organise a test ride before making a purchase. With powerful drive packages and grippy off-road tyres, the Wayfarer is an exceptionally capable e-bike that has cemented itself as one of the most versatile, and great value electric bicycles on the market.

If, however, you are not confident enough to hit the trails and prefer to stick to country roads instead, then Wisper also offers a great all-round touring e-bike in their 905. The Wisper 905 has become synonymous with ultra-reliability and long-distance touring, offering up to 85 miles on a single charge, depending on the choice of battery.

With front suspension, and all-weather tyres as standard, the 905 is a wonderful companion, flattening the hilliest of routes and making the adventure all the more pleasurable. If you do not want a crossbar frame, and would prefer a low-step (traditional known as a Ladie’s bike) then Wisper also have the 705 step-through frame, which is similar in capability and handling to the 905.


Choosing The Best Electric Bike For A Touring Holiday


Limited Storage? Try A Folding E-Bike

Although folding bikes have traditionally been a niche requirement, synonymous with Geography teachers and local eccentrics, the ability to fold the frame down to a fraction of the size of a fixed-frame bike offers a great solution for those who prefer the security of internal storage to an external bike rack.

The folding frame is a favourite amongst canal boat and caravan owners alike, as the bicycle can be secreted away easily when not in use. Wisper also have a folding option available too, in the form of the 806 Folding E-Bike. With 20″ wheels and similar motor and battery choices to the 705 and 905, the 806 is a great option for venturing beyond the caravan park to explore the nearby countryside.

Whichever frame style you choose, the most important factor is that you unwind, relax and enjoy yourselves. Despite the inclement weather, many parts of the UK offer beautiful scenery, providing the ultimate backdrop for your great adventure.


Choosing The Best Electric Bike For A Touring Holiday


Planning Your Holiday Activities

Setting aside the highly creased OS Maps, planning your journey has become far easier with the advent of mobile app-based route planning services, such as Komoot, Strava and Relive. The common issue with these services, however, is that they tend to be tailored toward endurance sports, such as long-distance runners and competitive road cyclists.

There is now a new family activities app service, gojam, that offers a far more tourist-friendly way to plan your family adventure. With the ability to create your own routes, recommend your experiences to other users, and rate activity suggestions, gojam offers a wealth of fun things to do while you tour the countryside this summer.

Wherever you decide to visit this summer, you can be assured that the technological revolution is here to help you explore more, enjoy more and ultimately, take the stress out of planning your next excursion. Bon Voyage!

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