Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids to Buy

With Christmas once again around the corner, preparations are shifting into high gear for families across the UK. And for many with little ones, their children are getting old enough to want to get involved – whether trying to get involved in putting up Christmas decorations or asking to help with the gifts.

We sadly can’t help with the former, but for the latter, you could go a step further – helping your children “buy” their own gifts for friends and family. With that in mind, here are some simple ideas for gifts your children can buy for their loved ones.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids to Buy



Pens, pencils, cases, notebooks, coloring books; stationery is a sure-fire hit for gifts for children, and a great place to encourage yours to start in buying gifts for their friends. Pencil cases enable children to express their individuality, so having your child pick cases to suit their best friends’ tastes can be a great start.

Notebooks are also a wise idea, giving your children’s friends the perfect place to get creative, whether writing, drawing or even sending each other secret messages during school. Personalised notebooks are available from Card Factory, which can give their friends a real sense of ownership and importance, as well as demonstrate your children’s gratitude for their friendship.

Chocolate and Sweets

You can never go wrong with a good gift of sweets and chocolate, and neither can your children.  Their friends are sure to love receiving a sugar-bomb for Christmas – though their families may have something to say about it! Ask your children if they know what their friends’ favorite sweets are, and take them to a sweet shop to pick out their own pick-n-mix bags or jars of sweets.

You could also get some gifts for their grandparents on their behalf – a Xmas hamper basket of cherry liqueurs would never go amiss, and taste all the sweet if from your children by name.

Handmade Gifts

Nothing makes for more of a heartfelt gift than one that has been made from scratch; encouraging your children to get creative and make their own Christmas gifts for friends and family alike can make for a magical Christmas experience all round.

You could spend a crafty afternoon with them, making any number of handmade presents – from something as simple as a card with their handprint on, to a felt stocking decoration with sequin decorations, to plasticine or polymer clay inventions from paperweights to photo frames. The possibilities are endless, and your children get to express their love and their creativity in the pursuit of giving their loved ones something to treasure.


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