Cleaning During the Times of Pandemic- Steps to Follow!

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, washing hands, sanitizing, and disinfecting has become a new normal. Quite evidently, hygiene has become a hot topic worldwide. Everyone knows that wearing masks and social distancing are the key measures to stop the spread outside. But how do you ensure the safety of your family inside the house? Well! It’s simple. Based on the cleanliness and sanitation of your place. So, what cleaning techniques are you following to protect your family from this virus along with other germs? If still not sure about it, here are the right spruce-up directions you should be aware of. These steps will reduce your chances of getting sick inside the house during times of pandemic. So, let’s get started.


First clean and then disinfect

Your family needs double protection from the extreme danger that might lure into your home during this vulnerable time. So, ensure adapting the dual protection method. And, the technique is — first cleaning and then disinfecting all the surfaces. The kitchen and bathrooms are more prone to germs. Make sure you clean them at regular intervals.

But be sure you are selecting good quality products that claim to kill germs and viruses. Also, consider mopping your whole house with the same anti-germ products.

The second thing you need to do is disinfecting the surfaces. After the outbreak of this pandemic, you can find many products that can kill the virus to a great extent. Experts advise opting for disinfecting products that contain at least 70% of alcohol and 0.5% of hydrogen. These products will kill the germs and viruses that regular cleaning products can’t.

Clean high touch surfaces frequently

You might not deep clean your bathroom and lobby every day. But make sure you clean the high-touch surfaces of your home frequently. And, the frequency can vary anything in between two times a day to many times, depending on you. High-touch surfaces, such as door handles, switches, banisters, and gadget devices, need special attention.

You can wash your hands anytime you want, but you can’t wash these surfaces, right? So, it’s advisable that you buy or make a disinfectant solution and keep wiping these surfaces at regular intervals. In this way, you can limit the entry of the virus and other germs from spreading inside the house.


Cleaning During the Times of Pandemic- Steps to Follow!


Take the help of professionals

Guess who knows the proper cleaning techniques? Of course, the professional cleaners. So, why not take their help to ensure the hygiene and protection of your house. Plus, the products they use can provide your home a shield against harmful elements for a more extended period.

Understandably, you might hesitate to let other people enter your home. But don’t worry. If you opt for cleaning by Elite Home Cleaners, they will keep you and your family safe by wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines.

So, you can trust their expertise and get your house disinfected with the proper techniques and better security. Moreover, their knowledge will let you understand the correct practices to keep your home neat and tidy.

Wrapping up

Coronavirus has brought many fears in our lives. And, the top one is securing the health of your family. But don’t worry. As long as you’re following the COVID protocols and hygiene practices, your family is safe.

So, make sure you’re following the above guidelines properly—the more hygienic your environment, the fewer chances of getting sick. So, keep cleaning and be safe.



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