Common Air Conditioner Problems. A Guide for Homeowners

Did you know that the world’s airconditioning unit demand has surpassed 100 million units? It’s no secret that the industry is a hot one that shows no signs of cooling down. If you are one of the many people who own an AC, congrats! But in order to enjoy the continuous cool air, maintaining your home’s air conditioner is key. Are you ready to learn how to do that? Stay prepared and check out this guide about some of the most common air conditioner problems.


Poor Airflow

Have you noticed that the airflow from your AC is less than optimum? The first thing to do is to check the filter and see if it is dirty and clogged with debris. This is a common challenge for owners with pets, but whether you have furry friends or not it is a good idea to clean your filter often.

Bad Odors

If your AC is emitting a bad smell, you may have mold growth in your unit. Mold exposure can be harmful to your health, so get it checked right away. But if is emitting a smoky smell, it might be from an electrical issue, which is another thing you would want a professional to look at because it could be dangerous.

Strange Noises

While an AC unit can produce some noise, if you’ve become aware of new sounds there could be many potential issues. Banging can come from a faulty blower or motor assembly while a hissing noise could be from a refrigerant leak. Finally, if it sounds more like screeching your compressor or fan motor may be on the fritz which means you should get professional help before it causes more complications.


Common Air Conditioner Problems. A Guide for Homeowners


Common Air Conditioner Problems with Thermostats

When troubleshooting air conditioners and their issues, many people often overlook the thermostat. Yet many challenges stem from a faulty unit that is not calibrated. Or it may be as simple as the batteries being low if you have a battery-operated one.

Get Professional Help

When you are ready to get professional help for your air conditioner, look for an experienced company that you can trust. You can search for air conditioning services online and explore options. A reputable expert can assist you with not only repairs but an air conditioner maintenance plan as well to keep it running.

Ready To Fix Your Air Conditioner Problems?

Now that you’ve learned all about the different kinds of air conditioner problems you can be proactive and get help for yours. Whether you have challenges with your thermostat or something more significant like the compressor, it’s important to deal with it right away. When in doubt, call a licensed professional for the air conditioner repair to come and take a look and get it fixed.

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