Common Home Safety Issues and Measures to Take

While decorating your space to make it chic, have you always ignored home safety hazards? If you’re only now taking steps to prioritize your safety at home, it’s never too late!

According to Annual Reviews, home injuries cause more than 30,000 deaths and 12 million nonfatal injuries annually in the US. Many of these injuries are preventable. So there’s every reason to implement home safety measures to reduce the risks of family members and visitors getting injured in your home.

So, here are common home safety hazards and measures to consider:


Slips and falls

Slips and falls are the leading cause of death via home accidents. People slip and fall in their bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and even staircases. It’s often because the surface is slippery. For example, you, your loved ones, or even a visitor might fall off your slippery stairs and break some bones.

These injuries can be quite serious and fatal. Fortunately, there are materials like Anti Slip Treads for Stairs and Floors to prevent falls in your home. You can also install safety gates at the bottom and top of staircases to protect kids.

If you have elderly ones, installing stairlifts would be a wise investment.

Bathrooms are very dangerous because of the wet floors and rock-solid accessories at every corner. So it’s wise to carpet your floors to maximize friction. Hoists and seats for bathing are also worth considering if you have elderly ones.


Common Home Safety Issues and Measures to Take


Fire hazards

Fire hazards claim over 2,500 lives yearly in the US. To avoid fatalities in your home through fire outbreaks, ensure you install smoke detectors, especially in your kitchen and bedroom. This will help to alert you on time.

Also, make sure to frequently check that the system is working properly. In addition, consider getting an alarm system that will immediately contact the fire department once smoke is detected.

But most importantly, be very mindful when cooking, and never leave any electrical problems unaddressed once noticed. Even Faulty Christmas tree lights can cause fires.

If your pan catches fire, use a damp towel rather than throwing water into the flames.

Lastly, ensure you completely extinguish cigarettes and match sticks.


Poisoning is one of the foremost home accidents and a leading cause of death in the US. Sadly, curious children are most affected as they want to taste everything they come across.

To prevent this hazard, ensure you keep cleaning products, paints, and other harmful substances away from children’s reach.

Furthermore, label containers with chemical content so no one will mistake them for water or cooking oil. Keep them separately from foodstuffs, such as in sheds and garages.


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Pools are great; they help us relax and stay cool in summer. But having one in your home can pose some risks, especially with children around. Children aged one to four can drown in just two inches of water.

To reduce drowning risks at home, always supervise young children when bathing. Any other task, even a ringing phone, can wait.

Fence your swimming pool if you have little children at home.

Sharp objects

Although accidents with sharp objects at home don’t frequently lead to death, they can be quite painful and preventable.

After sprucing up your landscape, keep rakes, lawnmowers, and saws locked in sheds.

Be careful while using knives and graters, and keep them in locked areas because of children. Be careful when washing knives and teach your kids early about handling sharp objects as a survival skill.


Final Words

Home accidents occur very often, but the good thing is that we can prevent them. By staying conscious of the above common home hazards and implementing the appropriate safety measures, you can save lives and avoid wasting money treating injuries.

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