Contemporary Interior Design Is The New Home Interior Vibe

The contemporary interior design is an elegant vibe for large spaces. When we talk about contemporary style in interior design, we are referring to current aesthetics, which encompass the trends that have become popular since the beginning of the century. Of course, it is not just a matter of merely aesthetic decisions. The look of the interiors is linked to certain social values and ways of understanding the domestic space.

The contemporary decor is a sustainable interior design that is halfway between the classic and the avant-garde interior vibe. Sometimes, it is confused with the minimalist style because of the clear tones and large and diaphanous spaces.


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How the contemporary interior design begins

Interior design vibes change as a new decade begins, adapting the aesthetics to the values of the moment. This is especially evident in the luxury interiors of residential spaces. It is at home where we want to feel more like ourselves, surrounded by objects and furniture that correspond to our most intimate values and aspirations.

Contrary to other times, freedom reigns today. Thanks to the Internet but also to the popularization of home interior designs through the internet and cheap products online, we can adapt any contemporary interior design to our tastes and needs. E-commerce has a lot to do with this.

Thanks to giants like Ikea, blogs, and online resources that popularize home interior trends, it is possible to mix classic and contemporary styles. Despite the “absence of rules” that currently prevails, we can determine some major lines that will give our interiors that “so modern” look.


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Combine materials and technology

The contemporary interior design is elegant and is intended to create large orderly spaces. Of course, we move away from the aseptic aesthetics of minimalistic times. Materials such as wood, stone, and high-quality textiles add coziness and warmth.

As we said, one of the most important aspects today is the choice of materials, which will largely determine the rest of the decisions: wooden floors or traditional hydraulic tiles or, on the contrary, ceramic, an innovative design, complementing plain walls with a touch of color or exposed brick to give a modern touch. You should select the items based on the design. Do not add too many.

These noble materials can coexist, especially in sinks and kitchens, with “technological” options, such as the new high-resistance compact materials with a matte finish.

Some examples are marble, metal, leather, and natural plants that upgrade an interior style and are reminiscent of ancient times.


contemporary house interior, sustainable interior design, luxury interiors


Regarding the furniture, far from looking for “conjoined” environments, there are essential pieces you can identify with, such as a singular sofa or a table made of a noble material that speaks of your taste and lifestyle. These objects help define the modern contemporary interior design and provide spaciousness without looking dull.

The furniture is usually straight, clean, continuous, and features abstract art. As we mentioned at the beginning, it is a style that can be cozy and warm due to its combination of tones and materials like sand, wood, steel, glass, stone, micro cement, and others.


Contemporary interior design modern contemporary interior design, contemporary décor
Wood and clay are also alternatives


All the details count, so keep the tableware contemporary. You can find tables in an array of geometric shapes and wonderful designs. We can’t leave aside the cutlery, napkins, placemats, and centerpieces.


contemporary house interior, sustainable interior design, luxury interiors
Luxury home interiors with contemporary-look tableware and furniture


The colors that predominate in a contemporary house interior are black, white, grayish hues, and browns. Light and dark hues create contrast between them, although sometimes a more vivid color tone (usually monochrome) can be added to break homogeneity.


Contemporary interior design modern contemporary interior design, contemporary décor
Black contemporary bathroom design – black walls


Structures like ceilings, floors, windows, beams, or columns are usually square and have no ornamentation. These interiors feature high ceilings that allow decoration with lamps or suspended decorative elements that emphasize the feeling of spaciousness.


contemporary house interior, sustainable interior design, luxury interiors
Square and straight lines are a norm in this home decor


The contemporary interior design is also characterized by its great natural luminosity. It depends on windows or curtain walls through which the sunlight comes in. The interior lighting is also part of the design. Decorate the empty spaces to give a feeling of spaciousness and continuity or to emphasize the prominence of the few predominant decorative elements in this style.


Contemporary interior design  modern contemporary interior design, contemporary décor,  contemporary house interior, sustainable interior design,  luxury interiors

Paintings and sculptures

The contemporary interior design resorts to large totally free wall panels for a few elements like large paintings and sculptures. These accessories will be the center of attention and will help add more contrast.


contemporary house interior, sustainable interior design, luxury interiors
An example of how to place paintings in this decoration


Sometimes, an area is usually reserved to highlight eye-catching objects. For example, a small interior garden, a glass shower in the center of the bathroom, a free-standing bathtub in the middle of the living room, or a fireplace.


Contemporary interior design modern contemporary interior design, contemporary décor


The accessories really have no place in a contemporary interior design. Dream catchers, only decorative centerpieces, even a lamp can be totally banned if its existence in the decoration is not justified.

The shape and color of the accessories are also relevant. Wall clocks with a thin black border, a white background, and dashes can be considered contemporary, however, you can go even more minimalistic. For this reason, it is best to use large pieces of art in bi-chromatic abstract colors.


Contemporary interior design – Different from minimalism

Unlike the minimalist style, where open spaces with light tones stand out, in the contemporary décor, rooms are usually decorated with more classic pieces, for example, a Danish leather sofa from the 1950s, with more modern pieces such as a coffee table of the leading international brands.

Another difference between these two styles that can be confusing is that minimalism features large spaces with a small amount of furniture and objects, while in contemporary interior design, these spaces must be functional and diaphanous. This allows putting more furniture and objects.

As fusion predominates today, the contemporary interior design can be combined with a piece of classic furniture or with a stately interior full of moldings, baseboards, or trim. In any case, there are tons of photos of interior decoration in a contemporary style on Pinterest and Instagram that can give you a clue.

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