Cool Devices to Look at When Starting Your Smart Home in 2022

If you’re expanding your home or you’re curious to see if any existing devices that you own will be able to be upgraded to the Matter standard, you might find today’s post very useful. IoT experts have compiled a list of the most popular devices that can make your home more comfortable, welcoming, and actually smart.


Cool Devices to Look at When Starting Your Smart Home in 2022


A Few Words about the Matter Standard

Typically, the devices you can use in your smart home have either thread or Wi-Fi radios built into them, since those are the communication technologies Matter uses. Some popular devices that will be upgraded to Matter at some point this year are Echo devices, Eero Wi-Fi routers, all Nest displays and speakers, the latest Nest thermostat, Apple’s HomePod Mini, Samsung smart appliances, and others. Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices will get Matter control support.

As a general rule of thumb, when you’re buying any smart devices before the Matter standard rolls out, it’s worth it to do a quick Google search to make sure the device you’re going to purchase will be able to upgrade to Matter later on.

Smart Lights and Shades


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First, let’s look at lighting and shades. Generally, you can go about it two ways. You can either make your light bulb smart or make your light socket or light switch smart. So, what does smart lighting actually do and how can it make your life more comfortable?

Imagine the situation where you open the door to your apartment and your whole lights start to turn on automatically. You can easily automate your lights through your smart home platform, so you set them to turn on and off at specific times. You can also choose the color and temperature, and for some brands you can also select specific scenes for your room. Thus, you will be able to wake up to sunrise color and go to bed with a sunset scene.

As for smart shades, such companies as IKEA, Lutron’s Serena shades are making all types of smart blinds and smart shades for windows. As with any smart device, smart blinds are capable of automatically adjusting their tilt settings according to the time of day and close at sunset.



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The next part of your home you might be eager to automate is a thermostat. Smart thermostats like the Nest and Ecobee, as well as other models from brands like Honeywell, allow you to control your appliance through all smart home platforms and automate your home settings.

One example of what your thermostat will be able to do is monitoring motion sense data at home to determine if there is anyone at home. Once it determines there’s no one in your apartment, it will go into ‘away’ mode and stop running as often.

To choose the right option, you might want to familiarize yourself with a concise thermostat guide first.

Smart Locks, Doorbells, and Home Security Systems


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The benefits that you get with smart locks are difficult to overestimate. You can unlock your door with your smartphone, remotely check the status of your lock, provide other people with easy access to your apartment, and automate your lock so it can lock at night without your involvement. Truth be told, lots of smart locks are now going through a transition with Matter and new technologies like Thread. So, it may be a wise decision to wait a little bit to see what comes out in the middle of 2022 for smart locks specifically.

If you’re an iOS user who wants to take advantage of a new Home Key feature in iOS 15, which allows tapping an iPhone or AppleWatch to a lock and immediately open it, you should note that only one lock from Schlage can support it so far.

Smart Doorbells are a great addition to any home due to their ability to detect when packages are delivered and left on your doorstep and send notification to all smart speakers when someone is approaching your home. What’s more, they can show a live camera feed on smart displays of your doorbells or your TV like with the Apple TV 4K. Some options can even use facial recognition to let you know who’s at the door.

If you’re looking to purchase a smart security system and integrate it into your smart home, the hubs that many of these systems use won’t actually work with the Matter standard. So, no matter the brand you’re currently using, you shouldn’t worry about your device’s Matter compatibility. Just ensure it can properly work with the smart home platform of your choice.

Smart Plugs and Switches


hiuhiu Smart Home in 2022


The next category of devices to talk about is that make your existing devices smart. So, think smart plugs and smart switches. Smart plugs can be effectively used for automating humidifiers and air conditioners. They are incredibly easy to set up and are currently manufactured by a lot of brands including Amazon.

Intuitive remotes like IR Remote Control Hub can go a long way in helping you automate your existing smart devices by mimicking infrared signals coming from the remotes controlling those devices. You can easily automate your turning on and off an audio receiver or bedroom fan. There are even tiny robots which can enable the devices that are normally switched on and off with a button, including espresso machines, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, etc.

These are some of the devices which can make your home and your life more comfortable and enjoyable. Keep on looking to find more smart home techs that will serve you and your home well.   

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