Creative Ways to Hide Your Modem and Wi-Fi Router

Decluttering your space to hide all the eyesores, including electronic products, is always an excellent idea. Aside from improving your space’s overall appearance, it also makes more room than you might have ever imagined. In this article, we’ll talk about a not-so-very-appealing item most people have in their home—a modem and a Wi-Fi router.

Most homeowners don’t really try to hide their modems and routers as long as they get a good signal. However, these two essential pieces of equipment undeniably spoil every home’s interior without a single effort. Other homeowners place their routers and modems into their pantry, walk-in closet, and other areas people usually overlook or don’t really visit. Unfortunately, placing your router in a secluded place can affect the Wi-Fi signal in your home.

So, what can you do if you have a very large home and the signal isn’t reaching many spots? Or if you have very thick walls that affect your wireless internet connection? There are many ways to keep your modem and router in their optimal location without spoiling your space’s interior. Check them out.


 Creative Ways to Hide Your Modem and Wi-Fi Router


1. Place your modem and router in a lidded basket with holes

Lidded boxes are usually one of the most common ways to hide these unsightly electronics. Baskets have always been the ultimate declutter-hiding thing for almost everything, including children’s toys, dog toys, shoes, mail, and many more.

If you want to improve your interior aesthetics, you might want to opt for lidded wooden baskets. However, we highly recommend you use baskets with holed to release the heat of your modem and router, as well as distribute signals without too many obstructions.

2. Organize your modem and Wi-Fi router cables

One of the most challenging parts most homeowners usually encounter is the organization of cables. If you’re not used to organizing your cables at all, you might need some help with your family member as it can be complicated and frustrating, especially if everything is tangled.

Let’s say you already organized the cables. You can now thread them to the back of your basket or whatever location you’ve put it in, then guide it until it reaches the power outlet. However, we highly recommend you let it pass on areas where it could be concealed with other furniture, such as s couch, plants, desks, and the like.

3. Make a metal box for your router and modem

Utilizing perforated metal allows your router to send signals efficiently while releasing air, keeping your router and modem cool. If you’re mindful of maintaining high-speed internet without sacrificing your interior decor. We recommend you paint the metal box according to your home’s interior’s theme to prevent ruining the style.

Most homeowners who do this usually leave one side open to allow space for cables. However, if you prefer a closed metal box, it also works but make sure to create enough space for the cables and the antenna.

4. Place your router and modem on a mounted area

We highly recommend this for everyone, regardless of your interior design. In case you didn’t know, routers work optimally if it’s placed in a high location, allowing them to distribute signals in all directions and reducing dead zones in your home. Depending on what your internet provider gave you, your Wi-Fi router may contain one or more antennas or completely none (built-in). These antennas send out signals for your wireless internet connection around your home.

While this way is the best way, don’t place your modem and router in corners so that you can get the maximum signal you can. It’s best to create a mount near the centermost area of your home to maximize the coverage. However, if your home is large, you might want to invest in a mesh Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi extender to eliminate dead zones.

5. Hide your router and modem behind a picture frame

Hiding this electronic equipment behind a picture frame is one of the best hacks most homeowners do. Well, it totally makes sense. Why bother when you can use what you have in your living room, right? It’s one of the most genius ways to hide your modem and Wi-Fi router only if these devices are not bigger than your picture frames at home and the back of the frame is facing a wall. Other than that, you’re good to go!


Creative Ways to Hide Your Modem and Wi-Fi Router



Hiding your modem and Wi-Fi router can be tricky at first, especially if you lack creativity. If you’ve been looking for a solution, then follow these ways, and you’ll surely have a beautiful interior without that ugly black box with wires ruining your space. If you’re feeling a bit extra, we highly recommend you make your own metal box. Trust us, it works, and it adds a unique appeal to your living space. Just make sure you paint it with the right color.


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