Cute Gift Ideas to Brighten Up Mother’s Day This Year

Mother’s Day comes around once a year. It’s a day when we celebrate the special woman in our life who either gave birth to us or is the mother of our children. Forget this day at your peril!

We all live busy lives, so it’s easy to forget about Mother’s Day until the last minute. When this happens, you probably end up dashing to the nearest supermarket or petrol station for a limp bunch of flowers and chocolates. It’s not ideal, but better than nothing, right?

Instead of letting yourself down this year, why not put some effort into an extra special gift. This ensures the special lady in your life, whether it is your long-suffering mum or wife, feels extra special and cherished. Get this one right and you’ll also earn some useful brownie points for a later date.


Pencil Portrait

Are you artistic? If so, create a pencil portrait of the kids or someone special as a Mother’s Day present. Have the picture mounted and framed and present it on the day. This is a lovely, unique gift that mum is bound to be delighted with.

If drawing and painting are not your strong suit, look online for a portrait artist. You’ll find lots of them on Instagram, Etsy, and Facebook groups. Find someone whose style you like and send them a photo. They should be able to come up with a likeness you are happy with.


Cute Gift Ideas to Brighten Up Mother’s Day This Year


Heartwarming Card

Every mother’s day, mothers all over the world look forward to receiving and reading a Mother’s Day Card from their child/children or grandkids. There are a lot of things you can say to your mum that can put a smile on her face. Not everyone has the time or creative skills to make a homemade card, so it is important to note that a store-bought card is just as appreciated.

Most of these cards come with real special words for amazing moms but you can also take it up a notch by ordering a tailored card with a sentiment that best conveys how special your mom means to you. Consider something funny to make her laugh if she appreciates good humour, or something heartwarming and sweet if words of appreciation and affirmation are her love language.


Untitled design 2 11 Gift Ideas to Brighten Up Mother’s Day


Photo Book

Many photos these days are digital. We have thousands of digital photos stored in the cloud, uploaded to social media, or on hard drives. Digital photos are great, but you have to go looking for them if you want to retrieve a special memory, and with so many to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Why not create a personalized photo book for Mother’s Day? This can include photo mementos from a special day, perhaps a holiday you all enjoyed. You can also include photos of the kids, or images of your mum/wife and her beloved pets.

There are many ways to personalize a photo book, such as adding funny captions or notes. Have fun with the project and enjoy reliving some fun times with the special woman in your life.

PhotoBox lets you create photo books for any occasion. You can also shop for other personalised mothers day gifts, such as mugs, wall art, and calendars. Use a voucher code to save money.


Cute Gift Ideas to Brighten Up Mother’s Day This Year


Weekend Spa Break

What mum wouldn’t be thrilled with a weekend spa break? Look for a local spa or take mum away to a luxury hotel somewhere scenic, like the Lake District. A couple of days being pampered are sure to put a smile on her face, and if mum is happy, everyone is happy.

If you have kids, ask the grandparents to help out. They’ll probably be delighted to spend some quality time with their grandkids while you take mum away. And if this is your mum you are treating, why not pay for a friend to go with her, so she has company?

A weekend spa break won’t suit everyone, but a day spa is a great alternative.


Reading More Books 4 1 Gift Ideas to Brighten Up Mother’s Day


Decorated Planter with Spring Bulbs

Mother’s Day comes around in the springtime, so you can take advantage of this with a spring-themed gift. Pick up an inexpensive terracotta planter from a local garden centre. Use some acrylic paint to decorate it with a simple design. Once the design is completed, finish it off with a layer of varnish to seal the paint and protect it from damage.

Fill the planter with compost and add a mix of spring bulbs. Hyacinths are an excellent choice, as they have a lovely scent, but any bulbs will do. Smaller planters can be popped on a kitchen windowsill and larger ones outside.

The beauty of this gift is that the bulbs will be a lovely surprise when they finally flower.


Cute Gift Ideas to Brighten Up Mother’s Day This Year


Extra Special Cake

Every mum deserves a delicious cake on Mother’S Day. She might not appreciate a huge slab of chocolate cake for breakfast, but it’s a nice treat for lunch or afternoon tea. Rather than buying a cake from the supermarket, have a go at baking your own. There are lots of recipes online, so be adventurous.

Red velvet cakes are always showstoppers, but any flavour will do. The end result will be far more delicious than a boring Victoria sponge cake from the supermarket.


Cute Gift Ideas to Brighten Up Mother’s Day This Year


Home-made Card

Cards are readily available in supermarkets and card shops, usually several weeks before the day. You really do have no excuse for forgetting to buy one! However, instead of rushing out and picking up a generic Mother’s Day card with a trite message inside. Why not make your own card instead?

Hand-made cards are far more meaningful than shop-bought ones. Every decision you make, such as the card stock you use, the design, the message inside, and more, help to personalise it. They say it is the thought that counts when gift-giving, and this is definitely the case with a hand-made card.

There are lots of ways to make cards. Press some flowers and once they are dry, stick them to the front of your card. Make simple prints or have a go at painting a cute design. You could also collage some photos or magazine cutouts to create the right image. The only limit is your imagination.

Let the kids help make the card. They can print with potatoes, or you could take footprints from a toddler or baby for a simple card design. Whatever the end result, mum is sure to adore it because it was made with love.


Cute Gift Ideas to Brighten Up Mother’s Day This Year


Homemade Bath Bombs

Home-made bath bombs are another easy gift you can make at home. They don’t need much in the way of supplies and this gift is one mum will love, as it means she can relax in a hot bath for an hour.


Reading More Books 7 1 Gift Ideas to Brighten Up Mother’s Day


On a final note, if you can’t decide which gift to make, why not collect a few and make a gift hamper!


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