Debunking the Most Common Cleaning Myths That Exist Today

Did you know that we spend nearly a full 24 hours cleaning our homes every month? That’s an entire day lost to the repetitive old rituals of laundry, dusting, and tidying up.

You know what’s worse? You might be doing it wrong.

That’s right! There are all sorts of cleaning myths lurking out there, and there’s a good chance you believe in some of them. Let’s see if we can’t drill down and debunk a few of the worst ones!

Join us as we go on a whistle-stop tour of the most pernicious cleaning myths that are still around today!


Myth #1: You Can’t Beat a Feather Duster

The feather duster is perhaps the most iconic bit of cleaning equipment around. Plenty of professional cleaners have one in their logo! You might think the reason for that is that it’s also one of the most effective, right?


In reality, your feather duster isn’t doing much more than moving dust around. Rather than collecting all the dust for you to dispose of, it’s kicking it all back up into the air or stashing it all in hidden corners. That’s not good.

Instead, you should consider using a microfiber cloth to gather up dust. Dust will cling to the cloth, which you can wash at your leisure.

Myth #2: The ‘Self-Cleaning’ Oven

As sad as it is to admit it, there’s no such thing as magic. That means there’s no such thing (yet) as a self-cleaning oven, too.

Why? Because all a self-cleaning oven does is superheat dirt to a level where it becomes ash. That can make it much easier to clean, but it still needs cleaning. If all you’re doing is setting your oven to ‘self-clean’ and nothing else, you’re going to fill it with tiny piles of ash.

Myth #3: When in Doubt: Bleach

Look, we get it. Bleach is kind of amazing. If you 100% need everything harmful to your health in a certain area 100% dead, bleach will help you out.

But it’s not a universal solution.

While it might make surfaces clean enough to eat off of, it won’t clear away messy materials. Grease, for example, isn’t impacted by a good bleaching. You need other cleaning fluids for that stuff, which is why professional cleaners like Top Mops Cleaning Services don’t just turn up to all their jobs with a barrel of bleach and nothing else!

Cleaning Myths Busted

So put down that feather duster and stick that bleach back in the cupboard! Those are just a few of the many cleaning myths that are making our day-to-day housework harder than it needs to be. With any luck, now that you know these ones aren’t true, you’ll be better able to figure out which cleaning tips are useful and which are just old wives’ tales.

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