Decluttering Your Home: 7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Simple

Nobody wants to be surrounded by mess, especially at home, but we unintentionally find ourselves in that situation. Unused or broken electronic gadgets, toys, clothes, and furniture can take up space at home. The funny thing is getting rid of them can sometimes become difficult because of the memory they serve. Sometimes, we become emotionally attached to some of these things and never want to discard them.

It is okay not to want to discard certain unused items, but don’t let them create a mess and take up space at home. Here are some effective tips as you get ready to declutter and increase space. You can also read about affordable home remolding ideas to keep your home alive.


How to declutter

Do it in stages

The best way to declutter is to do it in stages. You can start from the living room and bedrooms and move to the kitchen, bathrooms, storeroom, and then the garage. This enables you to do it effectively for better results. You can also adopt the minimalism concept, where you just acquire what you need.

Donate to charity

One of the best, most positive, and most profitable ways of decluttering your home is to donate the items you don’t need. You may have lots of clothes, shoes, and accessories or electrical gadgets you don’t need anymore. Instead of still holding on to them, donate those in good condition to charity. You can send them to a thrift shop, refugee organizations, foster care homes, and religious bodies.


Decluttering Your Home: 7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Simple


Discard unwanted items

Why should you hold on to things you can never use again? And please, nobody would accept those broken electrical gadgets and furniture in their home even when given for free. So it’s time to get rid of them. Start from the bedrooms by packing all the unused clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Your next should be the kitchen and the storage room, where we mostly keep damaged/unused items. Pack all these unwanted things for disposal.

Create an overhead storage

If you don’t want to discard certain items, creating overhead storage for them is one of the best ways to store them. This is even easier when you have a garage or storage area at home. With the use of USA custom overhead garage storage racks, you can create overhead storage in your garage for all items taking up space at home. Overhead storage racks are also ideal for people living in smaller spaces. You can conveniently pack all the extra bags and other items to avoid cluttering your surroundings. The good news is that you can even install it yourself.

Create a storage area under your stairs

Don’t let the space under your stairs waste while you have all sorts of items scattered around. Enclose the area and maximize it as storage. Depending on the size, you can use it for various purposes, including as a cupboard by installing shelves or drawers. It can also be a storage area for your sports equipment, shoes, washing machine, or even a dog den. This doesn’t only help declutter your home but creates style. You can find more DIY staircase storage tricks online.


Decluttering Your Home: 7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Simple


Use your walls to your benefit

If you cannot afford an overhead storage rack, your best option is to maximize your wall space. You can mount wall racks and hooks in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. In the kitchen, the racks can take care of extra pots and gadgets, while the hooks are for hanging ladles, spoons, and others. A hook in the bedroom can handle your backpacks, clothes, etc., while a shoe rack does what the name suggests. That said, limit whatever you store on your wall, so you don’t create a mess.

Use storage boxes/containers

It isn’t everything that you can store on an overhead rack, wall rack, or hang around on hooks. Sometimes, you need storage boxes for convenience and easy access. In the kitchen, you can have storage containers for your plates, cutleries, and store food items. In the bathroom, it can store your towels and dirty clothes.


Things to declutter

Now that you know how to declutter your home, let’s look at some things to discard in each part of your home. You should eliminate everything that has lost relevance in your current setup yet take up more space.

Living area

  • Old books, magazines, and newspapers
  • Unused vases
  • Excess couch pillows
  • Excess Picture frames and artworks
  • Excess electronics
  • Old unused furniture

Bedroom and closet

  • Unused clothes, shoes, hats, handbags, and other accessories
  • Unused materials on the bedside tables
  • Read books wasting around
  • Decors with no relevance


  • First, you need to clear the fridge of any expired food
  • Remove unused glassware, bowls, cutleries, pots, plates, etc.
  • Expired cooking items and ingredients
  • Broken wares
  • Old and torn dishtowels

Bottom line

Decluttering your home wouldn’t only help free up space and breathe new life into the various rooms. It is also a way to eliminate pests, molds, dust, and many other things that trigger health concerns. Hope the above points can help you attain a desirable result.


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