Designing Your Dream Home in 2022

The pandemic forced everyone to stay indoors for quite a while, and a lot of people realised that their home wasn’t quite up to scratch. Lots of people took to searching for inspiration online and social media to try and get ideas that will enhance their house. One popular search was “vertical radiators UK” as the need for more efficient heating solutions was required due to people staying at home a lot. Changing your home to match your vision doesn’t have to be impossible either. So, keep reading and discover out top tips to help you design your dream home in 2022.


Plan, Plan, And Plan Some More

When making any changes to your home, it’s important to plan everything carefully. Otherwise, you could end up easily going over budget or taking way longer than you should. You don’t want to live in a building site for too long, so ensuring that you can get everything done within a reasonable timescale is essential.

You also want to have clear floorplans of each room, with everything needs to be measured properly too. Your new furniture needs to fit the space as well. You don’t want it to turn up and not even fit through the door! So, when designing your home, make sure you do plenty of planning beforehand and you’ll set yourself up for success.


Designing Your Dream Home in 2022


Know Your Theme

Designing your home means you need to have clear idea of what your overall theme is. Are you going for a minimalistic vibe or perhaps you prefer something a little brighter and bolder. Whatever theme you choose, you need to be 100% sure of it so you can easily shop for furniture and accessories.

You don’t need to have the same design in every single room, but it’s good for them to at least be cohesive. Having a modern kitchen with a vintage living room could look a little disjointed. Knowing your theme will help you stay on track as well, as you won’t be distracted by issues with matching furniture or wall colours.


Designing Your Dream Home in 2022


Play With Colours And Textures

When designing your home, you want to make sure that it really shows off your personal style and charm, so don’t be afraid to play around with colours. If you love bright colours and vintage textures, then commit to that 100% and go for it. Although you might think there are interior design rules, they’re not set in stone and can easily be broken.

Different textures can add layers to a room and make it feel a lot more intriguing. Otherwise, having everything exactly the same will make it feel flat. Holding yourself back will only keep you from designing your true dream home, so have fun and enjoy the fun of it all.



Look To The Past

You don’t always have to be looking at the latest trends when designing your home. Checking out past trends can be a great way to spark inspiration and make your home stand out from the rest. Vintage designs can also be exciting, and you can find loads of antique or second-hand furniture that will allow you to easily create the same look.

Modern designs can be beautiful, but the beauty of the past shouldn’t be forgotten. Why not scour some old interior design books and see if you spot anything that you think would look great in your own 21st century home.

Designing your dream home may seem like a mammoth task to take on, but it is achievable if you plan things carefully. You also want to make sure that you bring your own personality to the design, and don’t just go for something because it’s popular on social media.

You want to design your own dream home, not the one of celebrities and influencers. The best thing you can do when designing your dream home this year is have fun and enjoy the process. You’ll have your very own beautifully decorated house in no time at all!


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