Discount Codes and other Offers in Cannabis Seed Banks

Whether you’re a small-scale homebased hemp grower, or a commercial grower with acres of land, you’ll need a cannabis seed bank to find one for your needs. Why do you need to buy from trusted seed banks? And what kinds of discounts and offers should you look out for? 


The Importance of Cannabis Seed Banks

Anyone who becomes serious with cannabis cultivation as a business should partner with a reputable cannabis seed bank. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • Seed repository – All seed banks serve as storage to a wide range of cannabis seeds. You can buy seeds here and be confident that the seeds were stored in proper environments and that the quality of seeds are prioritized.
  • Seed feminization – Cannabis seeds have a 50/50 chance of growing between male and female plants. And because only female plants grow buds, growers often just discard male plants once they reach sexual maturity. Buying from seed banks that guarantee seed feminization reduces the wasted effort, time and seeds that would have just been discarded if you left your cannabis growing to nature.
  • Strain development – If you’re growing hemp for CBD and want a strain that enhances mental clarity (or other benefits), seed banks are responsible for developing these strains for commercial use, future cultivation and so on. 

Getting from a reputable cannabis seed bank increases your chances of having higher and better quality yields. These seed banks even offer auto-flowering seeds, which have been known to mature super-quickly (about 8 weeks) for better ROI. 


Discount Codes and other Offers in Cannabis Seed Banks


Types of Cannabis Seed Bank Offers to Look for

When choosing between seed banks, make sure to find the companies that could offer you the widest range of seeds, guarantee feminization, and provide you with strains that you need for your cultivation. 

Additional factors to consider are discounts and special offers by the seed banks. They include: 

    • Free shipping or same-day shipping: If you’re running a business, time lost is money wasted, so seed banks that offer same-day shipping can definitely be beneficial to your business. Getting shipping fees waived can also help cut down costs, especially for beginner growers just starting out their business and if you’re buying from another state/country.  
    • Germination guarantees: Some seed banks are so confident with their cannabis seed strains that they offer germination guarantees. This means that if 25% of the seeds you bought did not germinate properly (upon closely following their instructions), you can request to have these seeds replaced or refunded. The terms of the guarantee will depend on the seed bank company, so check for the fine print. 
    • Free returns: Let’s say the seed bank you chose has an awesome germination guarantee that involves returning the seeds that failed. If you live in another country, the shipping fees to return these unwanted seeds can be costly. That’s why if a seed bank has a free returns policy, check if this would benefit your business should you need to process returns.
    • Freebies: Everybody loves freebies, even business owners and cannabis growers. Seed banks that giveaway free seeds with every order shows they care about winning your loyalty and business. It is also one of the easiest ways for seed banks to let you try new strains they developed. Some giveaway stickers or other branded merch, are still appreciated. 
    • Stealth shipping or discreet delivery: If you’re a new home cannabis grower and you’re looking for discretion, many seed banks offer this service, particularly for customers like you. The good thing about stealth shipping is that this can protect your package (even if it’s big or small) and prevent your spying neighbors from checking out what you bought.  


Discount Codes and other Offers in Cannabis Seed Banks


  • Buy 1, Get 1 promos: These promotions are seasonal, but worth the wait if you’re buying in bulk. Watch out for “Buy a pack of 10 seeds of a particular strain, and get another pack of 10 seeds of the same strain,” or a variation of this deal. 
  • Discounts for repeat customers:  If you receive 5% or 10% discount with every repeat order, the savings would eventually add up and it could go towards other things you need for your cannabis cultivation business. Seed banks value repeat customers, so if there are promos and discounts like this, note the company down. 
  • Loyalty programs: Sometimes, seed banks do not offer discounts to repeat customers/orders. Instead, they create other fun loyalty programs (such as tickets to raffles, games, event attendance, etc.) that would encourage future orders, referrals and other repeat business from you. 

Of course, before you go ahead and order from your chosen cannabis seed banks, make sure to understand the law first. Most seed banks are legitimate businesses where they operate. While many places have already legalized growing cannabis commercially, there are still cities, states, and countries that have not.

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