Do Security Cameras Have Battery Backup?

Security cameras are used for observing any areas with security surveillance or staying in touch with your family members by monitoring their activities.

Some security cameras have battery backup which can ensure security in case the power supply gets disrupted or wire connections get spoiled. For battery backup of your security camera, you can use rechargeable batteries, DIY solar power, a Generator, or other power sources.

Let’s know the details about the battery backup security cameras, going through the entire article.


Do Security Cameras Have Battery Backup?

In this modern era, using Security cameras has become a trend that is getting popular for their contribution to ensuring the security of properties. Your security can be more strong if you use security cameras that have a battery backup.

Some battery backup security cameras can last one to three years depending on your maintenance over them. The great benefit of cameras having a battery backup is that they are easily attachable to any place and can be compact-sized.

Some battery backup security cameras can run through small watch batteries. They can be known as spy cameras. By using these cameras you can record any corrupted or unexpected activities of any people without letting them know.

If you use to move at night for your work purpose or you may feel insecure while going out of home, you can keep a small spy camera with the longest battery life along with you. So, if any accident or occurrence happens to you unexpectedly, you can report it to any police station with evidence.


Do Security Cameras Have Battery Backup?


Types Of Battery Backup Uses On Security Cameras

You may find many types of battery backup for your security camera. Depending on the places and the power supply over those areas you should choose which can give you a long backup.

  • Rechargeable Batteries

If you need a security camera for the remote corner of your house or industry, it’s a good idea to use the security camera with rechargeable battery backup. You should use the batteries with much power otherwise you may need to change them most often. As the security camera is normally installed at the top of any wall or pole it will be difficult or maybe risky to reach it for changing batteries every time.

  • DIY Solar Powered

Using solar powered battery backup security cameras is another great way of ensuring enough security coverage to your CCTV surveillance areas. You can connect DVR, and WIFI connections together with the security camera on solar power. Moreover, if you use a larger powered solar powered backup you can take all the advantages of high-quality security cameras.

  • UPS Battery Backup

UPS battery backup is another popular method to get an uninterrupted backup for your security surveillance areas. You can keep connected to your DVR, wifi devices, and other convenient devices in your security areas while using UPS battery backup. 

  • Using Generator

By using a generator you can get a long time back up for your security cameras. But before using the generator camera you need to know that your recording may interrupt for a while if a direct power connection suddenly powers out.


Do Security Cameras Have Battery Backup?


Purpose of Using Battery Back-up Security Cameras

Using battery backup security cameras are widely used rather than directly powered security cameras. It’s really bothersome to connect wires with the security camera with power outlets. Let’s see the benefits of using battery backup security cameras.

  • Nobody Can Easily Cut Power Connections

As the security camera’s run through battery backup, you do not need to connect them with power cables. So, you can place it as high as you want. That’s why nobody can disconnect it from getting powered by cutting its power cables.

  • Can Use In The Areas Short off Electrical Outlets

These cameras can be attached to any areas where you can’t get any available electrical outlets. So, you can keep those areas secured by putting battery backup security cameras. But you may need to check the recorded video footage manually which is recorded on the camera’s memory storage.

  • Can Rely on Security Camera During Vandals

In the areas which are mostly inhabited by arrogant people or burglars, you can set up battery backup security cameras over there. So, they can’t spoil the cameras easily if vandals occur.

  • Can Ensure Your Self Security

If you use a small battery backup spy camera along with you, you can ensure your security while going outside. In case any accident occurs with you by anyone you can report it to any police with evidence. So, it is wise to use battery backup spy cameras in your car or for the confidential cabinets to ensure more security.


Do Security Cameras Have Battery Backup?


The Issues You May Face With Battery Backup Security Cameras

Though some cameras can give you video recording security backup for their battery backup system, you may face some issues with these cameras.

  • Batteries May Too Often Get Finished

If you use a battery backup security camera, its power may finish too early. So, you need to maintain them properly and check after some time whether it’s working properly or not.

  • The Camera Footage Get Interrupted

Your recorded footage may get interrupted depending on the quality of the battery backup. Some batteries inside the security camera can’t start working immediately after its charging connection suddenly gets disconnected. This usually happens while you use a UPS battery backup or generator. You may miss the footage for a while before the camera gets active again.

  • Can’t Get Proper Alarming

As the battery backup security cameras are not easily getting connected through wifi, you can’t get a proper alarm from them. Some security cameras have an IR system that can detect human activities and send alarms to the users connected via its system. But if your battery back up becomes low or the wifi connection is interrupted, you won’t be able to get a proper alarm on time.


Do Security Cameras Have Battery Backup?


Wrapping Up

Having battery backup for all CCTV cameras as an alternative is really a great idea. You may need to use portable connections to get a strong backup from these security cameras. No matter if the area you want to monitor under CCTV surveillance is not available with electrical outlets,  you can get a nice security backup by using these cameras.


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