Do These 6 Crucial Things To Protect Your Rights Following A Car Crash

Traumatic experiences like car crashes can really take a toll on your mental as well as physical health. Whether you’re the driver, passenger, or witness to an accident, it can become extremely difficult to deal with the aftermath of accidents. However, it is specifically stressful for the driver who has been involved in an accident. If you’ve been in an accident but don’t know what to do, you can start by considering these 6 crucial things to protect your rights following a car crash.


Call The Police

After getting into a car crash, it is important to call the police immediately and file for a report. The police will most likely ask for your name and phone number. You may even need to narrate the accident to the police officer over the phone to explain your situation.

The police will make a record of the scene for you in a police report, which will aid you later while filing for insurance claims. If for some reason, the police do not show up at the scene, it is important for you to file a vehicle incident report at the nearest police station. 

Document The Scene 

A car crash can be traumatic, and it may get difficult for you to make sense of what has happened. However, it is important to act quickly in situations like these.

It is important to document the car accident, take photographs of your injuries, any damage to your vehicle, damage to public property, surroundings, and the whole scene as soon as you can, as you will need to document these and make an overall detailed record of the incident. Make sure that the date on the documents and photographs is the same as the day of the accident. 

Do Not Admit Fault

In a delicate situation like that of a car crash, it is important not to admit fault. This confession can be used against you by the other driver and even by the insurance companies. It is okay to be honest; however, it is extremely important not to admit fault; you may feel like the car accident was your fault; however, it is possible that you’re feeling overwhelmed by the situation. If you admit fault at the spot, you may be held responsible for the incident, and it may even hinder your chances of getting a settlement reward.


Following A Car Crash


Talk To Witnesses

It is common to feel overwhelmed and confused after a car crash. This is why it is important to talk to the witnesses to make sense of the whole incident. If you were not at fault, then try to take the witness’s contact information as you may need to contact them to make a stronger case in your favor.

You will need their information while asking for a settlement claim from your insurance company. Collecting the statements of eyewitnesses will help you and your lawyer make a strong case in court. 

Get Your Injuries Checked Out

It is crucial to visit the doctor after the accident. Even if you feel all right, you should go to a doctor and ask for a general physical examination. It will not only help you seek treatment for any injury, but the doctor will make a record of your injuries which will help you in asking for a claim from your health insurance company.

The doctor bills and prescription receipts will help you make a strong case. It is important to seek immediate treatment for your injuries as the insurance company could use your late visit to the doctor against you.

Have Your Car Damage Inspected

After the accident, you will need to have your car inspected for damages. You should get an estimate for your car damage from multiple mechanics. This will help you understand how much the car damage is actually worth.

Document the quote from your mechanic and keep it safe. Taking the opinions of these mechanics on top of the documentation of damages will help you negotiate the settlement claim with your insurance company. 

It is important to know your rights after being involved in a car accident. The damage to your mental and physical well-being is like no other, and the legal battle can make it even worse. Make sure that no party involved is able to turn things against you. Whether the car crash was your fault or not is another story.

However, no matter what you do, just do not admit fault as it can build a case against you and the insurance companies can use this information to refuse your claim. It is extremely important to follow these steps to protect your legal rights and get the settlement claim that you deserve. 


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