Do You Have A Bed Bug Problem? Here Are The Things You Should Do

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When you lay down in bed each night, the last thing you want to worry about is bed bugs. Because once these pesky creatures reach your home, they don’t want to leave! (just like unwanted guests) 

Bed Bugs are everywhere. One in five Americans has suffered from a bed bug infestation at least once. In a desperate attempt, you might try to solve the problem yourself, but you should know that this is not going to be a simple task.

Many people have tried removing bed bugs with no success because these tiny insects can breed quickly and stay dormant for 18 months, so you need to know the right course of action to see results. 

Lucky for you, we are here to provide you with helpful tips on how to get rid of these pesky little pests. 


Signs Of Bedbugs In Wooden Furniture

Because bed bugs live in cracks and crevices of wooden furniture, you probably do not notice the presence until you disassemble every piece. 

This means that you need to inspect every drawer, shelf door, and hinges in joints. Here are some tell-tale signs that indicate bed bug infestation in your wooden furniture.

Live Bugs

One tell-tale sign that you have bed bugs is if you notice their presence firsthand. These bugs are oval-shaped, reddish-brown, and have six legs. An adult bed bug has short antennae, so if it hasn’t fed on blood, the body appears pale yellow to brown.

Tiny Eggs

Another sign that you have bugs in your wooden furniture is a bug’s eggshells or casings. Also known as sawdust, these eggs are tiny and have a clear-ish white color.


Bed Bug droppings are brownish-red in color, like drawing ink. The spacing between their marks may be uniform or varied.

Do You Have A Bed Bug Problem? Here Are The Things You Should Do

How To Remove Bed Bugs From Wooden Furniture

You may have heard about the baking soda trick, the ginger miracle, and other kitchen items or ingredients that can keep bed bugs away. While these methods can help remove them, they are not as effective or quick. Here are some methods that we recommend.


Most insecticides are chemical-based products that will immediately kill bed bugs. If you’re concerned about the safety of using insecticides around children and pets, then we suggest you opt for a natural essential oil-based product that will still offer protection without causing any discomfort to your family.

We recommend completely saturating the furniture with it so that the insecticide reaches the blind spots. 

Steam Cleaning

Cleaning using steam can be very effective as it gets into every nook and cranny. It is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of bedbugs and their eggs on your wooden furniture. It can also reach places and corners where regular carpet cleaners might not reach. 

Still, you must proceed with caution as excess moisture or contact with high temperatures could warp the wooden furniture itself.

Toss The Infested Piece Of Furniture

If your furniture is covered in cracks or has too many spaces where bugs could hide, then the safest way to remove these insects will be to remove the piece from your home.


How To Prevent This From Happening Again 

You can do several things to make sure this highly unpleasant experience of having bed bugs never happens to you again. 

The best way to start is simply making it a point not to invite these pests over by taking precautions when it comes to purchasing furniture. 

Don’t buy used wood furniture from just anyone or anywhere. Whether or not they are aware of it, they might sell you an infested piece of furniture that could end up giving you yet another bad night’s sleep. 

Inspect your new or used wooden furnishings before letting them into your home to ensure there are absolutely no signs of unwanted visitors hiding anywhere on the surface.

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