Do You Have a Raccoon Problem? 5 Things You Should Do

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Are raccoons wreaking havoc in your home or on your property?

While raccoons can be cute animals, absolutely nobody wants to live with them. Apart from having the ability to transmit infectious diseases to humans, raccoons can also cause hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages to property.

Do you suspect that your home has a raccoon problem? If you find feces or scratch marks, or if you hear scratching noises, you may be living among these mischievous creatures. Here, we’re sharing what you should do if you suspect that raccoons are inside your home.


1. Remove Sources of Food/Garbage

Raccoons are notorious for rifling through trash cans and stealing food, so the first thing you’ll want to do is remove any opportunities for raccoons to feed.

Ensure any dog or cat food is sealed and out of reach, and keep garbage protected with sealed lids. If you have a bird feeder, dismantle it until the problem is dealt with.

This may be obvious, but never feed raccoons. They might try to beg, but this will only exacerbate the animal problem down the road by attracting more raccoons.

2. Seal Openings

Raccoons are smart and can easily find and gaps or openings around your home. They can squeeze their way into very small spaces, so go around your house and make sure to close all potential openings that could be letting raccoons inside.

3. Install Electric Fences

It can be a challenge to keep raccoons out of something like a pond, chicken coop, or garden, but installing electric fences can certainly help.

Construct a fence with two wires (one six inches above the ground and the other twelve inches above the ground). This fence will protect your property without harming or killing the mischievous little creatures.

4. Set Traps

You can use live traps to remove raccoons. Make sure you read all directions and do research before you set these traps so that you know how to release the animals once they’ve been captured.

Set traps in your attic, basement, and in your yard if you aren’t sure where to begin.

5. Call Pest Control

There’s no question that the fastest and most effective way of removing raccoons from a home is to contact your local critter control service.

Knowledgable pest control professionals will be able to take care of the problem with ease, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with the animals yourself.


Fix Your Raccoon Problem Quickly

Raccoons are not good company to keep; they’re noisy, messy, and they can transmit diseases to your family. If you notice the signs of a raccoon infestation, then you need to take these steps to fix your raccoon problem quickly. Good luck!

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