Does Age Affect Women Sexually?

A transition in sexual drive throughout women’s lives is natural. This occurrence is portrayed as you age, but being older does not mean that you lack a chance to engage in intercourse. The interesting part is that as women get older, their sex drive increases. Other studies show that some women tend to have a low sex drive. These changes may be caused by psychological, physical, and social factors, which all work in unison, leading to unhealthy sex life. Discussed below are some factors that alter women’s sexual drive and recommendations you can follow to maintain healthy sexual fulfillment.



At approximately the age of 50, women are said to have an increased sexual life than they were before. Increased sexual wants may be because getting pregnant is rare; hence, most of them are interested in intercourse. Other women in menopause or almost getting there may have low sex relationships.

Fewer sex desires might be due to low estrogen levels, progesterone, and androgen hormones. The low levels are caused when the hormones, as mentioned above, drop, leading to decreased libido and hence low chances of some women experiencing sexual desires.

The low estrogen production can lead to dryness in the women’s genitals, hence pain during intercourse. The vaginal lining may become thin and loose, causing postcoital bleeding, and vaginal PH may be altered due to low estrogen levels. Therefore, there are usually increased cases of microbial infections in women who are in the menopause phase.

When these negative cases occur during menopause, you should see a doctor immediately after the signs and symptoms appear to prevent undesirable situations. The doctor can prescribe lubrication medicines, a personal vibrator for easy stimulation, hormone production pills, and other treatments regarding your situation.


Does Age Affect Women Sexually?



Illnesses can affect women’s sexual desire by hindering the neural operations that mediate sexual response. Signs of vulnerability and pain may occur as physical challenges like self-esteem issues due to body appearance. When some women undergo surgery, it may be difficult to be confident again, hence impacting their sex life.

Some older women may have urinal track problems and may feel embarrassed during intercourse since urine leakage may happen. Decreased sexual desire has also been observed in women with conditions like type II diabetes. Those who have undergone hysterectomy may experience heavy cramping, decreased libido, and bleeding after intercourse.


Some older women may be going through illnesses like dementia, depression, and stress with medicines like antidepressants. When a woman is under medication using such drugs, the medication may impact the level of sexual function.

Some of the side effects of antidepressants include less lubrication, arousal problems, and orgasm disorders. These side effects occur because the erogenous zones are induced by the antidepressant drugs, leading to sexual arousal problems due to reduced blood volume in the genital areas.

There are ways in which women can maintain a pleasing sex lifestyle regardless of their age. They should follow some of the strategies mentioned below.


Does Age Affect Women Sexually?


Staying Fit

It would help if women considered having frequent genital and clitoral incitement for easy self-lubrication. Stimulation enables most women to avoid the use of lubes during intercourse. No one should feel ashamed to masturbate as it is normal and has a beneficial impact on your overall health.


Women’s feelings change unpredictably because of various hormones produced as they age. Women need to share how they feel about different situations and desires with their partners. It is not right to leave your partner to read your thoughts as it can be challenging. Eradicate the fear, shyness, and embarrassment to attain a satisfying sex life.

Age impacts the sexual relations of women from different perspectives. Some impacts are affirmative, while others are negative. If the impacts of aging are negative to your sexual life, consider booking an appointment with your doctor, as the impacts may be signs of medical conditions. If the problem is physical, some prescriptions can be given to you by the doctor to strengthen your intimate life.


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