Domestic Abuse: How To Prevent It And Stay Safe

Finding out how to prevent domestic abuse is not something that should be wished on anyone. Unfortunately, a staggering number of people are victims of domestic abuse, with many unable to leave their abusive partners. In theory, all domestic abuse is preventable, but that relies on the abuser changing their behavior. There are things that you can do to keep yourself safe and try to prevent any further incidents. This article will hopefully be able to help you with that. 


If You Have Been Attacked

If you were not able to diffuse the situation, or get out of the house and have been injured, you need to try and keep yourself safe from that point on. The main things you need to do are, get to a safe place as quickly as possible, call the police, seek medical attention, and consider seeking advice from a solicitor.

You can find a specialist domestic violence lawyer in Las Vegas, by searching online. If your partner is frequently becoming violent, then you need to find the best ways to protect yourself, legally.

If there is a way that you can extract yourself from that situation and be protected then you should investigate this as much as possible. All situations are very delicate and it is not always that easy but if you have been attacked, try to find out what your options are. 


Domestic Abuse


As An Argument Begins

If you can sense that an argument is brewing and your abuser appears to be getting angry, there are a few things you can do to try and make yourself safer. The first thing you should do is try to lead your partner away from rooms like, the kitchen, the bathroom, or bedroom where there may be things that could be used as weapons.

As these moments of abuse are often outbursts, taking yourself and your partner into a safer area should help keep you safe. If this does not work then you should try and leave the house as quickly as possible. 

Plan And Practice Your Exit Routes

Planning your exit routes is really important for keeping yourself safe. If it appears that your abuser is going to imminently attack you then you must try to leave as soon as possible. Planning the quickest way out of every room of the house is the best way to keep yourself safe as an attack is about to happen.

You want to try and get into a public space as quickly as possible, where your partner is much less likely to hurt you. You should also have a bag packed at a friend or relative’s house, ready for you when you make your escape. Rehearse your exits over and over so that you can get out when you need to. 

Increase Your Independence

If you are starting to feel unsafe in your home, you can try to increase your independence to protect yourself. Setting up a separate bank account is a great way to initiate your independence from your abuser. You could also consider getting your own personal postal box, which you could use to have letters or cheques sent, rather than to your home address.

Leaving money, keys, and important documents with someone you trust would also enable you to leave that house far more easily. Consider ways that you can increase your independence to help you stay safe. 


Domestic Abuse


If They No Longer Live With You

Being a survivor of domestic abuse is no easy life, but the hope is that you have managed to extricate yourself from your abuser and now live away from them. If you have managed to stay in your original home and the abuser has been evicted then you need to make sure that certain safeguards are in place.

Firstly, if you have children make sure the school knows who is allowed to collect your kids. Secondly, make sure your neighbors understand that they no longer live here and that they should call the police if they see them around the house. Now that you have managed to remove them from your life, you need to make sure they can’t make their way back in.

Setting up some protections around yourself now that your abuser has left your home is very important for your safety and well-being. 

Safety First

Domestic abuse is horrible and can have a seriously negative impact on someone’s life. Try to not give up hope and remember all the ways that you can try and protect yourself. None of this is your fault, but if you try to make it as difficult as possible for them to abuse you then you should be able to stay safer.

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