E-commerce Product Photography Tips And Tricks That Will Boost Your Business

Last updated on September 20th, 2022

Today in the post-pandemic world, where most businesses have shifted online, the best way for you to showcase your product is through well-done product photography. It only takes us 13 milliseconds to form an opinion about an image and whether we like it or not.

This is why it is extremely important to have a catchy online website that would pique the curiosity of your potential customers. Running an eCommerce business is all about marketing your products digitally in a way that would provide your customers with a good idea about the product and its details.

Good product photography can not only generate sales but also enhance the reliability of your website and increase their chances of coming back to shop more! Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks that will help boost your eCommerce business.


Set the Lighting

Experts such as Ignite Images Photography understands the importance of good lighting in product photography. It can either make your business or break it. The difference between a good photo and a bad one is probably the lighting. If you use appropriate lighting then, you will be able to take pictures that would put your products in focus; showcasing their true value.

Natural lighting is the best lighting. You can even take your photos at the golden hour in order to take aesthetic pictures. However, there are many options for artificial lighting as well. You can use product photography lighting, umbrellas and reflectors to get the best results.


E-commerce Product Photography Tips And Tricks That Will Boost Your Business


Don’t Let Your Shadow Ruin Things

You must make sure that your own shadow does not ruin your pictures. You can use reflection shadows to make sure that photos get a polished finish in addition to adding depth to your product.

You can also use a flash diffuser to keep your shadow from spoiling your photographs. You can make your photo diffuser by covering your flash with a plastic bag. This way, the light will be evenly distributed, resulting in softer shadows.

White Background

You must have noticed how various businesses feature their products over a white space. This is no coincidence. Product photographers feature their products over a plain white background to minimize distractions and drive the viewer’s focus solely to the product.

If you are new to product photography then, according to product photography guides, this trick will do wonders for you as it gives a professional touch to the images. It also makes your product the center of attention.

In order to make your products look even better, you can use a curved backdrop paper to eliminate sharp angles and the shadows formed by the products.

Try Different Angles

Another great tip to enhance your product photography is to experiment with different angles. Different products will require different treatments.

There are some products such as cellphones, and laptops that need to be shot from different angles in order to showcase their size, color, shape, material, etc. You can try adding close-up shots of your product to enable your customers to take a closer look at it.

You can also try cool photography styles like 360-degree product photography to capture your products in one go. You may use a spinning table to capture this kind of shot.

 Add Product Descriptions

While product photography is a great way to showcase your merchandise, it cannot show everything. There is a chance that many important features that cannot be shown in pictures will go unaddressed.

This is why you should add comprehensive product descriptions under your images to tell your customers about all the amazing features that your product has. This is especially important for digital products that come with numerous intangible features. Your customers will really appreciate these descriptions.


E-commerce Product Photography Tips And Tricks That Will Boost Your Business


Consistency Is Key

Consistency is key when it comes to product photography. You must make sure that all your photographs follow a theme. You can take them from different angles or even slightly different backgrounds, you must make sure that they have some sort of unity among them.

The pictures must have a consistent look that would show how all the photographs belong to the same collection. Make sure that your photos are not pixelated, and they must not contrast each other, as it can negatively affect the aesthetic value of the image.

It is absolutely essential for your business to do great product photography, as that is the only initial access that your customers will have to your merchandise. You must not mislead your customers and be completely transparent when it comes to depicting your products.

You must try your best to capture the true essence of your goods to make sure that your consumers don’t feel cheated when they actually receive the product. When done correctly, product photography can take your business to the next level.

Are you looking for more tips and tricks? Check out this infographic for more!


Infographic created by FMH Conveyors – flexible roller conveyor 


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