Effective Ways to Modernize a Dated Home

As much as we try to keep our homes clean and tidy, and refresh the décor occasionally, they get a lot of wear and tear and can start to look tired and dated a lot sooner than we might like. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford a full remodel every time we get bored or fancy a change. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t modernize, helping a previously dated house or room look refreshed, cleaner, and like it’s been recently redecorated. Here are some of the most effective ways that you can make your dated home look more modern.


Clear the Clutter

Nothing dates a home more than clutter. It looks untidy, it makes the space feel small and claustrophobic, and because clutter gives dust plenty of places to hide and grow, too much clutter can even lead to musty smells and unhealthy air.

Clearing clutter and making sure everything in your home has a tidy space can help your rooms to look more modern, while improving the air quality and making it much easier to keep your rooms clean.

Look at Windows and Doors

Dirty, or damaged windows and doors look tired, old, and cheap. Cracked paint on sills and frames has the same effect. Cleaning your windows and doors and sanding down and repainting, or deep cleaning and resealing any frames and sills can completely transform your rooms, helping them to look more modern and efficient, as well as cleaner and tidier.


awning windows wideline Modernize a Dated Home


Replace Handles and Knobs

Rooms like your kitchen get a lot of wear and can look tired quickly. But they are also some of the most expensive rooms to redecorate and modernize.

Replacing handles and knobs is an easy way to make a big impression. If you can, taking cupboard doors off to repaint is another easy way to make a big change to your décor.

Invest in New Taps

Taps in the bathroom and kitchen can get dirty and be covered in mildew and limescale, which can make them look much older than they are. Changing taps and other fixtures is a great way to make a room look more modern and stylish.


Effective Ways to Modernize a Dated Home


Get Smart

Of course, the modern home isn’t all about what it looks like – although replacing bulky sound systems and other appliances with streamlined Bazz smart home options will help to create a more modern aesthetic too – the functionality is also important. Adding smart lighting, smart speakers, smart doorbells, and other options will help you to create a more modern and functional home. It could also save you money, make your home safer and make your life easier.

Refresh the Walls

Painting the walls, even the same colour, can totally refresh a room, helping it to look cleaner, lighter, and brighter.



Get Rid of Carpets

Carpets stain and discolour over time. They also trap dirt and bacteria and can start to smell old and damp. Wooden flooring is easier to keep clean, and you can add rugs to add patterns or colour and create a more stylish room.

Creating a more modern home doesn’t have to mean ripping everything out and starting again. With a few small changes and a bit of cleaning, you can modernize any dated room.


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