Elevate Your Forgotten Staircase with Epoxy

Being at home for the past year has driven a renewed focus on home improvement. Between upgrading office spaces and creating homeschooling zones, many of our transition areas have been neglected: entryways, doorways, staircases (the list goes on). But many times in our day-to-day life we forget the refreshing qualities of enjoying those transitions, taking a moment to enjoy that new door or the look of your stairs. That’s why we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to elevate your stairs, so not only do they take you from one floor to another, they also give you joy. First, you may be wondering how you can refresh your tired stairs. Below you’ll find some of our favorite epoxy staircases to get your creativity flowing.



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Picture ilhjkn1 with Epoxy


Where to start?

Looking at those projects you might be overwhelmed or wonder how it can be done – let alone in a weekend. But we’re here to tell you exactly how. And the secret is in all the preparation.

As stated, the most important part of working with epoxxy resin is following the instructions and using the proper equipment. Please take the below list as a starting point, and read the instructions on the epoxy you purchase carefully!

Supplies List:

Space Preparation:

Depending on if you’re updating the top of your stairs or the front, you will first either separate your existing stair or purchase wood that is the same size to layer over. Place your pieces of wood on a level surface with your tarp covering the floor.

Working with Epoxy


Epoxy resin works by creating a perfect balance between the chemicals in Part A and Part B. This means that it’s crucial to have your measurements correct before opening up your epoxy and beginning your pour. The easiest way to figure out how much epoxy resin you need is by leveraging an online epoxy calculator like this one.


Once your epoxy is properly measured, it’s time to add in your coloring. Take a sample of your mixed resin and test out your coloring. This will allow you to figure out the color to epoxy ratio and ensure that you like the colors you’ve chosen!

The Pour

Now that your epoxxy is measured, and colored, it’s time for your pour! One of the benefits to using epoxy is that it’s self-leveling, which means once you pour, the epoxy will level itself out over your stair surface. To begin your pour, take your mixture and hold it as close to your wood surface as possible. This will make sure that you reduce the air bubbles mixed in as well as reduce splashes.

Wrapping Up

With your pour complete the last step is letting it cure. The typical deep pour epoxy will need around 48 hours to harden, but read your epoxy resin bottle closely to be sure!



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