Eliminating Biohazards: How Dangerous Can A Crime Aftermath Really Be

When a crime or traumatic event happens on your property, you and your guests could be traumatized. Exposure to biohazards also presents serious health risks. Once the first responders complete their duty and leave the scene, you need to find a way to remove all biohazards and any traces of blood. However, this is not something you can do on your own due to the health risks and legal implications it may have.

It would help if you found a team of professionals equipped with the right tools and protective gear. Just like you may have seen on investigative TV shows such as CSI, professional crime scene cleaners sanitize the entire area to get rid of any harmful pathogens and traces of the committed crime. They may also remove carpets, furniture or items infected.


Why Hire a Crime Scene Cleaner

Crime scene cleaning is not for the faint-hearted. The good news is most of us will never have to find out what it feels like to clean up after a death or other traumatizing crime. We all have access to crime scene cleaning and restoration experts who take on the unbearable burden of restoring our homes and businesses to their original form. But why should you hire a crime scene cleaning service?

  • You Are in no Shape to Clean

Most crime victims chose to clean the crime scene on their own because they do not understand the other options available at their disposal. Many of them also fail to understand the problems they could run into, such as secondary traumatic stress disorder and critical incident stress syndrome. They are serious conditions that affect victims of serious crimes. They can also affect those close to them, such as loved ones and pets in some cases.

These conditions may even lead to depression and suicide. By hiring a crime scene cleanup service, you have access to professionals that care about a customer’s emotions and feelings. The victims of the crime or their clients can exit the crime scene and come back when any signs of trauma are eliminated. Cleaning technicians also embrace privacy and do not leak any information to the press or curious neighbors.


Eliminating Biohazards: How Dangerous Can A Crime Aftermath Really Be


  • Health Compliance

Crime scene cleaning professionals have the responsibility of protecting the physical health of their clients. They focus on restoring crime scenes where suicides, homicides, or unattended deaths have happened. Also, help restore homes where hoarding has occurred. These companies focus on providing immediate help so you can easily find them through social media channels or by running a quick Google search. 

They work on highly toxic crime scenes which may involve decomposing bodies, blood, drugs, or airborne pathogens. Such scenes are hazardous for the average citizen. However, professional crime scene cleaners have adequate training on the health-code compliant methods and the right equipment to work under such conditions.

  • Diligence

The procedures involved in evidence collection at a crime scene apply strong chemicals, which worsen the situation. By hiring an expert, you can be sure that they will eliminate any residues. If necessary, they can also recommend reliable home repair companies.

Contrary to common belief, cleaning a crime scene goes beyond mopping the floor or wiping any traces of blood. Experts need to carefully go over the scene to spot anything that qualifies as evidence; they can stop and notify the authorities. If you do the cleaning when you are coming, you are likely to contaminate the scene further or damage an important piece of evidence as you may not know its weight.

Hiring crime scene professional cleaners help you, and others affected recover quickly from the crime. It can also help the authorities solve the crime faster since any evidence will be passed over.


3fr Eliminating Biohazards


  • Reduced Structural Damage

Crime scene cleaning starts immediately after the authorities complete the investigation. If any fluids or residue are left unattended, they can cause further damage to the building. Wood, carpeting, and drywall tend to absorb bodily fluids. If neglected for a long time, blood can seep into the subfloor, resulting in a highly toxic black mold. Hiring an expert to clean up the scene after investigation can help you avoid such hazards.

In summary, crime scene cleaning companies serve thousands of crime victims and their loved ones from the prospect of restoring the scenes of their tragedies. At the very least, they save you from the emotional and health risks that come with crime scene trauma. They also help you manage the costs since, most of them, bill the insurance companies directly.

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