Employee Productivity 101: Everything You Need To Know

Promoting productivity in the workplace might now be as easy as we might think. There have been some significant developments over the past year that have had a lasting impact on how employees work. Not only that, many factors –be it external or internal make it even more challenging for many employees to maintain employee productivity. As an employer, you must have a strategy in place that can motivate your staff and encourage them to work in a productive way.

It won’t help to just advise staff to be more productive. You must think proactively on what to do. You must motivate your staff, demonstrate the advantages of workplace productivity, and show them the path to maximizing their output, while at the same time still maintaining their quality of work.

Without further ado, read this article below to understand more about why employee productivity is important.


 Employee Productivity 101: Everything You Need To Know


What Is Employee Productivity?

A company’s success is based on the productivity of its employees. Your company will flourish more if you have a team of employees who are productive when working. Employees that are focused and productive will finish their work effectively, thus very little effort and time is wasted. Most of the time, the outcomes of their work are also of good quality.

Why Employee Productivity Is Important?

Because your employees are an essential component of your company, they should be adding value to their positions in order to promote team success. After all, the company will advance in the future thanks to the combined efforts of the entire staff. Productivity among employees is crucial to any company’s success. Even the best employees won’t help your business if you can’t effectively manage them and get the most out of them.


Employee Productivity 101: Everything You Need To Know


What Factors Affect Employee Productivity?

Understanding how productivity can be impacted is the first step you have to determine after realizing that there is a productivity issue at work. There are things outside of your control that can have an impact on productivity. But for the variables that are within your control, you need to assess the circumstance and work out a solution.

Several factors could influence your employees productively, but here are four major key variables that usually are the main cause that alters your team’s productivity.


It’s possible that the low or excessive workloads you assign to your employees are the cause of their low productivity. Staff burnout might eventually result from a heavy workload, which can seriously impact employees’ mental health. On the other hand, a very light task can make your employees easily bored.

If there is a problem related to the workload in your company, then it will be great if you can sit down with your staff and discuss how to make the task more manageable. Utilize easy-to-use management tools that can be added to your workplace platform. With the aid of the tool, you are able to organize each of the employee’s assignments according to their urgency and due dates.


Employee Productivity 101: Everything You Need To Know


Conflicting Dynamics

Let’s face it, there will always be disputes and confrontations between employees in any company. But it’s time for you to intervene when the conflict worsens to the point where your staff isn’t getting along with one another, thus impacting their work quality.

Employee productivity can be harmed by conflict at work because it can affect morale and has a bad influence on mental health. Try to stop a problem from developing in the workplace as soon as you can. Call everyone to a private meeting where they may settle their differences and come up with a solution.

Lack Motivation

Low motivation are silent killers in the workplace; they can affect an individual employee’s performance and eventually the performance of the entire team. The telltale signs of low employee motivation, include a shift in attitude, a lack of ambition, and subpar work. To increase employee productivity, you must be sure to address any of these issues as soon as you detect them in the workplace.


Employee Productivity 101: Everything You Need To Know



Your team productivity might also be affected because of the distraction in the office. Distractions in the office can be such as, too many ineffective meetings to attend, or dirty workplace conditions. Meeting that happens too many times a day will distract employees’ focus when working. Their precious time, which is supposedly used effectively to finish their workload –is often wasted just because they have to attend a meeting.

A dirty and untidy workplace will also create a distraction for employees. A clean workspace will give a positive impact on employees’ spirit and mood, while on the contrary dirty workspace can damage it. Be sure to hire a professional office cleaner if you notice that your company is lacking in hygiene factors. If you are in Singapore, check out https://www.luceoffice.sg/services/office-cleaning to hire for their service!

Methods to Measure Productivity

It is very important to know and understand how to measure your team’s productivity. Measuring it will help you to know whether your team is efficient in managing their work or not. You will know about your team’s productivity by measuring:

  • Amount of your company profit
  • Amount of work employees can be completed
  • Whether the number of goals is met
  • Quality of the work
  • Amount of the time employee spent to finish each task

These are the methods that you can use to measure your company’s productivity and ensure to keep everything to the highest standard.


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