End of Lease Cleaning Tips When Moving Out of a Rental Property

In a rental property, the end-of-lease cleaning and organizing play an important part in getting your security deposit back without any hassles. To be able to get your deposit money, you have to follow a certain checklist and guidelines from your agent. The agent will inspect the property after you arrange the cleaning for the final inspection.

During the bond back cleaning, there are certain things that need to be taken care of room by room before handing over the keys. Starting from the kitchen, the agent will check the oven, exhaust fan, and stovetop, as these are the most time-consuming part to clean in the kitchen.

When it comes to the bathroom, the landlord/agent will inspect the bathtub, shower screen, and exhaust fan as they will also take a fair bit of time while cleaning. Lastly, carpet steam cleaning is an important part when it comes to making impressions.

If the carpet smells good and is stain-free, then the agent might easily return your security deposit. You can clean the entire property, however, it is less daunting to have professional end of lease cleaners undertake the task.

Professional cleaners will give you a proper receipt with a security deposit back cleaning guarantee. Although, the condition of the furniture, appliances, and fixtures will also play a part. Here. we’ve put together some end-of-lease cleaning tips to make your moving-out journey easier.

end of lease cleaning

Here is a cleaning checklist you should follow when moving out of a rented property.

  • All hard surfaces tidied and cleaned
  • Hard floors all vacuumed and cleaned
  • Dusting and vacuuming of floor coverings, mats, and upholstery
  • Cleaning and cleaning of mirrors, windows, and any glass surfaces
  • Cleaning all-around all kitchen cooktop, cupboards, and surfaces
  • Scrubbing bath, sink, and toilet
  • The property should be left unblemished and sparkling
  • Remove dust, cobwebs, and marks
  • Thorough cleaning of the entire property

Check Your Tenancy Agreement

Before occupants clear a leased property, you will normally have a few duties to satisfy the cleaning. It’s best practice to check your schedule and well ahead of time on the moving date. Also, Before you move out of your current property, make sure you leave the property smelling fresh and check with your tenant about the final date of moving out. Finish the full cleaning on the day so that new tenants can move in or the agents can carry out viewings for potential tenants. Handover the keys and cleaning checklist to your landlord.

The real estate agent will provide their checklist. You should follow it and clean every corner of the apartment/house according to how the place looked when you moved in as they have all pictured when you moved in. But don’t worry about little wears and tears, they are perfectly normal and expected.

Why is it important to hire an end-of-lease cleaning company?

Security deposits are usually a very huge amount of money. It can be either one-month advance rent or two months in advance rent in a security deposit. Remember that if you try to do it by yourself then it might be daunting and time-consuming as you have many things pending at the time of moving out.

If it is a large property, consider hiring professionals. You need to have the various end-of-lease cleaning tools and equipment to be able to clean the property properly, such as steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and high chemicals. In addition, always look at their reviews before you hire any cleaning companies.


end of lease cleaning


Have you arranged cleaning services in advance?

You may require expert cleaning services if you are moving out of a large property. Consider hiring reliable end-of-lease cleaning services Melbourne to help you to get back your security deposit. Expert cleaners have cleaning tool arrangements and offer, perhaps, the most ideal approaches to get a good deal on bonds back cleaning.

You will be getting experienced specialists to do the cleaning for you without damaging property. Always communicate with your landlord or property manager before you vacate the property. They will advise you on time and what things need to be done. Sometimes, the landlord might want to replace the carpet or paint the wall for the next occupant.

Before moving in, you need to request that your landowner present you their end-of-lease cleaning checklist and ask for the pictures when you moved in. Always fix the broken things before you move out as it is compulsory to do it, or they will hold back some or all of your security deposit. If you are doing the end-of-lease cleaning yourself, it is important that you plan sufficient time to complete the processes, like drying your carpet or rug.


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