Essential Dorm Room Improvement Items For College Students

Living in a dorm is the most interesting part of college life. It can be a great way of learning many things around students, mostly in their first time moving away from home. They may feel nervous about items to pick for improving their dorms and the items that will fit their small space. Look no further because the following dorm room improvement items for decor, bedding, storage, and kitchen will be the best for your worry as a college student.


Essential Dorm Room Improvement Items For College Students


Important Improvement Items

Here are the essential improvement items to consider purchasing for your semester or a new beginning of college life.

1.    Electronics and Desk Supplies

College dorms mostly have bright lights, which can cause discomfort to the eyes. Therefore, students should consider buying a desk lamp that offers more direct light suitable for studying for an exam or looking for the best research paper writing service online that will help with your technical research assignment.

Additionally, the dorm can be nosy with loud neighbors, so it is best to consider having headphones to sleep comfortably with a piece of favorite music.

2.    Bathroom Items

Students mostly share the same bathroom with other students, which is not healthy sometimes. It is good to buy a portable shower caddy that can easily be carried during the shower and arrange toiletries in the room safely instead of leaving them where every student showers.

They can also buy shower shoes instead of walking barefooted in a shared bathroom and getting fungal or bacterial infections. In addition, having a robe is better where they will have to avoid carrying clothes and changing them in the bathroom. Moreover, a hanger will better hang the robe with a hook to look more organized.

3.    Bedding

The school provides students with a basic bed and a mattress, where they are only responsible for any linens to make the bed more comfortable. Therefore, it is good to consider buying bedsheets longer than the bed and a mattress protector to avoid sleeping on the same mattress several people have used.

In addition, students can add a comforter to bring a sense of fashion, and if they aren’t sure of what to pick, they can choose a set in a neutral color.

4.    Laundry

It is not easy to have the luxury of your washer or dryer in college. Students should get their detergents and stain remover to the laundromat whenever they need to wash their clothes. Paying attention to the labels is also good because some detergents are only for high-efficiency machines.

5.    Room Essentials

While decorating a dorm room with artworks and area rugs, students should not forget to include the following items on their checklist.


 Important Room Essentials

Pick the following items.

  • Mop – They will be responsible for keeping their space tidy. Therefore, a small, affordable mop will be a great deal.
  • Refrigerator – Planning for a college meal will not hinder them from having a mini-fridge to store drinks and healthy snacks in the room. They can get the favorite color that suits them best.
  • Storage bins – Students will need a bin to safely keep clothes, school supplies, and toiletries. A good option is a plastic under-bed bin which can prevent their things from catching specks of dust, and hanging organizers that can maximize space.
  • Microwave – Buying a compact microwave instead of a full one can be ideal for the little space, helping lazy students who cannot cook warm food after a tiresome day in school.

6.    Decor

College students can do many things to make their space a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Having rugs is a great way to bring the room into life and a very comfortable place where they can do sit-ups for fitness, while posters can give the space some character and speak their interest.

Furthermore, it is good to consider having curtains to give some privacy and seats that can occupy the small place, such as a bean bag, which is easy to store when not in use.


pink two colour combination for bedroom walls matching pink two colour combination for bedroom walls, Essential Dorm Room Improvement Items For College Students


Wrapping Up

Dorm improvement items have personality and create a welcoming home away from home space. Before making decisions, college students should plan for the dorm room’s essential improvement items that they need to consider first. They are close to living their best life in college with the above items mentioned if they give them a priority.


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Barbara Fielder is an exceptional content writer with information that brings life to college students who are worried about how to cope with their college life in tiny dorm rooms. She gives knowledge on the improvement items students should focus on for their room to stay healthy and feel at home. Her content aims to boost school performance and students’ way of living.

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